Leo Laporte Admits He Has to Buy Friends

See below the video for an important message.

In the video above, you will witness Leo Laporte admit that he has no friends and that he started TWiT as a way to surround himself by people who he can claim to be his “good friend” so and so. It’s just another in a long line of sad admissions made by Leo Laporte.

Many people have asked why we do this. Why do we watch Leo Laporte run what was once a great podcast network into the ground? Why do we collect, edit, and post proof of him showing dick pics, cunt pics, porn he browses, terrible things he says about cohosts, terrible things he does to cohosts, banning, insulting/erasing and dismissing old friends, erasing shows of those he no longer likes, and even possibly driving a man to commit suicide?

I don’t have a good answer anymore. It used to be for the truth, the lulz, and a hope that TWiT would get back on the right track.

TWiT is never going to get back on the right track.

I have made many videos, but in truth, many of the latest ones have come from tips from readers, because I can’t watch TWiT anymore. It’s unbearable. I’m also now tired of expending my mental energy writing stories and making videos.

Can you imagine editing together videos of TWiT and Leo? Having to listen to him say things over and over, cutting out the unimportant parts to leave in what is funny, relevant, and interesting? It’s the worst “job” in the world.

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

Total Drama is an altruistic effort. We have no ads, and the infrastructure is donated by those who believe in the effort. No money is made of any kind, and in fact is lost, in the pursuit of the truth regarding TWiT.

I have several posts in the queue including never-before-seen videos, and I may publish those, perhaps without extra commentary. But, for now it seems, the road comes to an end for me.

The New Jeff Jarvis won’t be writing any new posts unless something major or terribly interesting happens. For example, posts like this one with the video above will not be created.

We have lost many writers, and I believe I am the first to say goodbye. I hope that by doing this, other writers may join, and perhaps some of those we lost may come back.

It’s all #OneAss, after all. TYFYC.

61 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Admits He Has to Buy Friends”

    1. Don’t blame Leo for #LeoTalksAboutHamiltonWeek!. His CE.rrr…bookkeeper told him he has to be able to justify the trip as a business expense.

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  1. I certainly can understand how doing this would get under your skin. We all have a reason we’re here, whether it’s to hope things get better, or simply to watch this train wreck play out.

    That being said our community of followers is strong and there will always be people available to contribute posts or provide financial support if asked.

    Even if Soup never changes, none of what TD does is in vain, we are simply shining a light on someone who doesn’t deserve the respect and admiration of the people who follow him.

    He has never contributed anything substantial to the tech industry and will be remembered as such. His legacy will be showing his dick, and that’s fucking sad.

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  2. Yep I understand where you’re coming from. I no longer listen to a single Twit show – as time went on, I couldn’t bear the sound of Leo’s voice.

    I still listened to Security Now, and one day Leo was discussing some podcast award thing that SN and DTNS were both up for and he told Steve that Tom Merritt had cast his vote for Security Now as a gesture of goodwill. Steve’s response was that he was not going to return the gesture and he would be voting for himself. That small gesture from Tom meant something as a way of showing friendship between people. Steve’s response was selfish and, given how easy it would’ve been to show the same goodwill, really petty. I unsubscribed immediately.

    That in itself shows you how much I’d grown to despise the network and its people – normally I wouldn’t pay attention to these things, but my personal goodwill towards Twit went down to zero over a few years, and all it took was a petty gesture from Steve Gibson to make me no longer want to listen to him at all.

    I like Paul and Mary on Windows Weekly, but it’s a great example of how a sneering, disinterested, uninformed host can ruin a show: I couldn’t listen to it.

    As I gradually deleted more and more Twit shows, I eventually decided that I did not even want to give them the benefit of being able to count my downloads. So I deleted every single podcast and have never been back.

    The only time I ever hear Leo is here, and when I fancy a bit of a browse through pre-shows on TD’s DVR just to see if I can find something awful.

    In that context, I’d find it really boring to have to regularly put together videos about Leo.

    So, I do get where you’re coming from.

    That said, please do post all the stuff in your queue 🙂

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    1. evilpants said: I couldn’t bear the sound of Leo’s voice.

      I solved that by downloading the SN transcript from GRC and having my computer read the text aloud. The only problem is that it uses the same voice for both the characters. Does anyone know of a program that can read a text script and use different voices for the different characters ?

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  3. YES YES YES ..just post what you have left over without comment (or with some comment). Do it sooner than later or you will never do it.

    I have it on good authority that Gibson reads TD.

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  4. If Gibson really reads this I would be surprised. And would ask him whatever happened to his invention to stop neighbors’ dogs barking. Yeah, I didn’t think so, have some moar vitamin D, Mr. Ketosis Breath.

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  5. Sad when we might have to start a patreon account to MAKE the new jeff jarvis listen to twit so he can continue writing his excellent posts and analysis. The entertainment we get from twit now is the mockery we point at it… Sad.

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    1. magic said: MAKE the new jeff jarvis listen to twit

      I don’t think you can do that. It would be a violation of the Geneva Convention.

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  6. I don’t get the post anyway. Leo makes a joke that he has no friends and TD goes along with it like Leo’s puppet. Leo did the Galaxy stylus gag and TD went along with it. These posts have to stop, it makes TD look like a super fan.

    TD should be posts about his lies, his disgusting put downs of his friends, truth about his firings, his outbursts, things Frogpants people say about him, exposing him as vile, …

    Good luck.
    When twit dies TD dies and twit is shrinking.

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  7. Sad to say that TWIT really is getting poor IMHO. Seems like the Tech Guy show has few callers (just google your question), Leo seems to be killing time waiting for callers, TWIT show guests aren’t as good (Alex Wilhelm is tough to listen to), etc. Find myself listening to British Tech Net and others more and more. The whole Dvorak situation is sad.

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    1. The Tech Guy is the only Podcast of Leo’s that I (barely) listen to these days. He claims that there’s “thousands” of people calling in at all times but that is complete crap. It’s the same 5 callers every week with a few grandmothers sprinkled in here and there. And looooong periods of Leo is rambling on as opposed to taking calls. Or calls that he stays with for entire segments. Seems like something you wouldn’t do if you had thousands of people trying to call in.

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  8. TYFYC!

    I have always known Leo was a hypocritical pig and he always treated those responsible for his success like schmucks, but this site has truly opened my eyes to the point where I am not even going to make a special trip to Petaluma when I visit Silicon Valley. It is really sad because I had an opportunity to promote TWiT as a beacon of light, but in fact it is really a dank hole of despair and I cannot give any kudos to a guy that treats his employees and supposed friends like crap. All the smart people have either left TWiT or been fired by Leo/CEhO so why even try evangelize any more?

    Goodbye TWiT! I hope this company suffers from its huge failures and squanders huge amounts of cash.

    And to all the writers on TotalDrama, TYFYC.

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  9. Profound admission that is right on the money. Best thing I’ve ever heard him say about the reality of it all. Most people who don’t “need” other people for their success are like this.

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  10. When Trey Parker and Matt Stone write a South Park episode, they go balls deep into the pussies of America, and we all know that’s a perfect analogy here…. and I’m positive they don’t let it get to them. They know they’ll never change the behavior of the idiots they’re making fun of. They’re not going to stop the SJW’s that make this world a living hell but this doesn’t stop them from MERCILESSLY attacking them with humor. This is why we love the show. And it shouldn’t stop us either.

    This is the purpose of TotalDrama for me and I hope The New Jeff Jarvis, Deez and others will continue to write often, because they are great at it and what they write is relevant and extremely entertaining. What we have amassed here is incredible and I look forward to contributing to the blog and IRC channel as much is possible. Fuck Leo and his pathetic network. It’s the fucking scourge of the Internet and needs to be flushed down the toilet like an oversized turd.

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  11. Hate to see TNJJ ride off into the sunset – we, the loyal readers of TD will miss your expert and well crafted posts.

    Why do we come to TD? Most of us I recon are ex-loyal-fans but now take great joy watching the S.S. LeoPaporque circle the drain. It’s simply schadenfreude – for me anyway.

    Awesome post BTW – nice when Soup comes clean and says something of value. Hat’s off!

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    When Leo sees that TD is offline he will self-destruct and piss off his remaining fans.

    Leo has serious psychological issues and I don’t believe he wants to keep doing what he does. He has succeeded in fooling his fans so long it bothers him. The vagina pic was the deciding factor for me. There is no way that was a mistake. he wants people to know the real him.

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    1. Honestly I think TD going offline would be the ultimate slap in the face to Leo. “You’ve become too irrelevant to even make fun of anymore, we’re moving on with our lives.”

      Of course, Leo would claim “victory over trolls”. But deep down, he’d know why it happened.

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  13. Can Leo just shove an Amazon Echo up his ass and be done with it?

    What is his angle? Why won’t he shut up about it? Curry stopped talking about his but fat fuck Leo is still doing the “teehee, I accidentally set off my Echo” joke a year later.

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  14. Thank you for many outstanding posts THE NEW JEFF JARVIS!

    I understand that working with Leo-content slowly erodes sanity and decency and as a reader I appreciate the effort you have put in to showing the true Leo and fair and unbalanced way. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I think you are the next Nelson Mandela.

    You leave big shoes to fill, but I hope that someone will be able to take over the excellent reporting and that we will see an occasional post from you as well.

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  15. Thanks New Jeff Jarvis. Your pain was many others’ gain. I appreciate the effort and work you put into this . I hope you walk away and get the itch to come back.

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  16. I hate Leo and at the same time feel sorry him…but then that’s because I’m not a psychopath like him who is incapable of empathy. Good catch TD. It’s clear this nightmare that is TWiT is almost over. As many have predicted this “enterprise” will be dismantled by summer.

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  17. I miss you already,
    yet I understand why
    you left.
    I’m sorry for the
    mental anguish
    TwiT put you through.
    Be wise and healthy now.
    Thank you for
    your courage and passion!
    Keep pushing;
    Love and Light.

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  18. How about a post regarding that bullcrap “Artisan” sales network?

    Lisa sets up this sales company to front for the Twit network and a cool way to move the profit-making to a new entity to screw any shareholders of Twit (aka Jennifer).

    She claims that this is so she can use her great and wonderful skills to help other podcast networks also incorporate ads into their content.

    What other network would use these services knowing that any cherry dumb-money accounts would immediately go to Twit?

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  19. Only two owners of TWiT now, Leo and Lisa. Up to the point that Leo and Jennifer filed divorce papers, Jennifer did have a marital interest in 1/2 of the community property,i.e. , TWiT, Real Estate, certain retirement accounts, cash etc. Lisa would have never kept Jennifer on as a co-owner of TWiT just to avoid paying her off. Hince the question she asked Leo” how much do you owe Jennifer?” Which really means, how much do “we” owe Jennifer. I’d be surprised if Lisa didn’t require Leo to sign to a pre nupt that requires a life insurance policy naming Jennifer as the beneficiary in order to protect the money grubbing wife/slut Lisa. Leo’s main problem was his open admission on TWiT’s income and worth, plus Jennifer did sign the joint tax returns up to the separation, so she was fully aware of Leo’s draw out of the business. I’m sure he boosted TWiTs expenses prior and during the divorce, note all the on air full time employee’s and live coverage events 4-5 years ago. I’m sure he also over paid Lisa once he started poking that gash. It would be interesting to see when Lisa dumped Michael’s dad.

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  20. Generally speaking, in California if you are married and start a business it becomes community property and you own half of it as a partner for the life of that business. You can be bought out and that is probably what the “how much do we owe her” comment came from.

    If we are to believe the horseshit Leo says, this would have to be a few million dollars..or half the value of the company at the time of the buy out. That would be during the real money days, not its current shit value.

    I assume Jennifer is the least stupid of the three people, but I could be wrong since she married Leo in the first place.

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    1. Jesus, she really does look like a transsexual.

      You would think that, with all Leo’s money, she could get a decent hairstyle. The hippy/witch haircut makes her already hard face look even less attractive.

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  21. The trouble is, when you want to see negativity you will find it. For about a year I got a bit obsessed with being entertained by how annoying one of my friends’ Facebook posts were. I called them ‘boast posts’. They were grossly exaggerated versions of basic truths.

    Me and a friend setup a secret Facebook group to share the posts and photos, and laugh about them. In the end we realised all it did was breed more negativity. We’d be actively searching for the funny boasty crap and ignoring his less shitty posts.

    We decided to unfollow him and not view his wall. We now feel so much lighter and not bogged down with the annoyance and irritation it caused. I propose those who dislike TWiT and/or Leo Laporte just ignore it.

    It’s fun reading all the articles and fuck ups but at some point you’ve got to stop believing it is somehow helping him realise he should be what he was 5/10yrs ago. He’s changed, he’s moved on, so should we.

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    1. It’s pure schadenfreude. And you’re right at some point the joy evaporates and people move on. I don’t think this group is there yet. I know I’m not – he’s still fun to laugh at.

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      1. It sure is fun! But I reckon if one wanted to find things to laugh at they could’ve done that even in the TechTV days. If you want it, it’s there.

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    2. Stop your bullshit you Leo enabling duchebag and go back to
      leolaportesucksdotcom to remind yourself why the fuck TD

      Podcasting’s BIGGEST #Schmuck
      The above image is Leo Laporte’s disgracefully unprofessional response when a member of his audience, greatly concerned about the number of children who watch the TWiT network, suggested that Leo Laporte should stop making so many inappropriate, sexually explicit remarks on air.

      Help get delusional douchebag-in-denial, Leo Laporte,
      kicked off the radio once and for all. Details here!

      Burning up with resentment, jealousy and undisguised hatred, as well as being constantly immature and childish in the extreme, Leo Laporte holds countless petty little grudges for years against companies, his contemporaries and former colleagues that he’s screwed over.

      Brought up on a sexual harassment charges in his previous job,
      sexual predator, Leo Laporte, continues to behave disgracefully towards his female members of staff.

      Leo Laporte accidentally revealing his perverted photo collection on the TWiT live stream – May 24, 2015.
      The picture on the right is his gold-digging #whore in bed.
      The picture on the left is the only remaining thing that motivates Leo Laporte these days. He thinks it is perfectly acceptable to tell blatant lies in the countless ads he does for crappy products.

      Astonishingly conceited, he labels everyone who questions his unprofessional, abusive behavior as a “troll.”

      Because they don’t directly fund his ridiculous, nauseating, frivolous, hedonistic lifestyle, Leo Laporte treats his audience with complete contempt, disregarding the simple fact that those people are his advertisers’ customers.

      His unprofessional behavior has earned Leo Laporte the outraged contempt from countless members
      of his audience over the years. In one of his more common and blatantly self-delusionary acts, he actually tries to con people into believing that all those who criticize him are “the same person”.

      He and his loathsome, greedy, gold-digging, home-wrecking, #nympho mistress
      are quick to silence all those that expose them for what they truly are.
      Well, it’s far easier for them to do that than it is to actually change their disgraceful behavior. So, for the latest news on this aging, abusive scumbag, the current Twitter feed is:


      Be sure to check back here on this site for details when it changes!

      Bullshit Corner

      “We have the WORST engineering department ever!”
      – the poisonous Leo Laporte’s public remarks about his own employees.
      Gluttony Gallery

      Advertiser Hall of Shame

      The following companies continue to fund and support Leo Laporte’s abusive behavior. Be sure to let them know what you think about that:
      Audible Books: @audible_com
      Blue Apron: @blueapron
      Braintree: @braintree
      Carbonite: @carbonite
      Casper: @casper
      DigitalOcean: @digitalocean
      Dropbox for Business: @DropboxBusiness
      DX Engineering: @DXEngineering
      FreshBooks: @freshbooks
      Gazelle: @gazelle
      GoToMeeting: @gotomeeting
      Harrys: @harrys
      Icom America: @icomamericainc
      iFixit: @ifixit
      IT Pro TV: @itprotv
      LegalZoom: @LegalZoom
      littleBits: @littleBits
      Lynda.com: @lynda
      NatureBox: @naturebox
      PagerDuty: @pagerduty
      Personal Capital: @personalcapital
      ProFlowers: @proflowers
      Prosper Loans: @ProsperLoans
      Ring: @ring_labs
      Shutterstock: @Shutterstock
      SmartThings: @smartthings
      SquareSpace: @squarespace
      Stamps.com: @StampsCom
      Trunk Club: @TrunkClub
      Warby Parker: @WarbyParker
      Zip Recruiter: @ZipRecruiter

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  22. It’s refreshing to see that there is the occasional person in these comments that understands TD is promoting twit.

    And the new Jeff Jarvis isn’t done. People who are done don’t say goodbye. If people keep tipping him off, he’ll keep posting.

    Hate isn’t the opposite of love. Apathy is.

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  23. ” I am the first to say goodbye. ”

    If it’s an April fools joke ( on 3/26??) Then Ha ha….

    If real, however, all I can say is… Now you know why I quit blogging about TWIT. I’m still resolved to not publish another story about them unless somebody’s in handcuffs or somethings burning…

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