Entitled Lisa Laporte Rages on Twitter Regarding Luxury Cruise’s Food

It was recently pointed out to us that Lisa is too stupid to even spell the word “Caribbean” and has been tweeting her displeasure at a fake account instead of the real one.

Pricing for the same ship during next year's New Year's Eve cruise.
Pricing for the same ship during next year’s New Year’s Eve cruise.
Lisa Kentzell Laporte — who you may remember is the CeHO of an operation called TWiT — is on a luxury cruise this week.

However, the included food is not to her liking, so she’s either trying to make Royal Caribbean as miserable as a TWiT viewer or she’s trying to get a free cruise.

We’re not sure, but we wonder if Lisa has committed libel against Royal Caribbean when she labeled their food “rancid”.

Libel Definition


  1. Law.
    1. defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
    2. the act or crime of publishing it.
    3. a formal written declaration or statement, as one containing the allegations of a plaintiff or the grounds of a charge.
  2. anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.

Rancid Definition


  1. having a rank, unpleasant, stale smell or taste, as through decomposition, especially of fats or oils: rancid butter.
  2. (of an odor or taste) rank, unpleasant, and stale: a rancid smell.
  3. offensive or nasty; disagreeable.

She might be able to get off on number three by saying it’s subjective, but you can be the judge if this is the way a CeHO should handle her business onboard a ship while inhabiting a luxury two-story cabin with high speed internet access in the middle of the ocean.

Take a look at this shit.


Thankfully she got Daddy to take her to an expensive upcharge restaurant on-board to get some Chef Boyardee which was more to her liking.


86 thoughts on “Entitled Lisa Laporte Rages on Twitter Regarding Luxury Cruise’s Food”

  1. TYFYC.

    Fuck that cunt.

    Nevermind. Leo does that repeatedly. Maybe if his dick was bigger Lisa would shut the fuck up and have fewer outbursts on twitter about not being satisfied by what she CHOOSES to put in her hole.

    Also, cruises are an overpriced way to vacation. #dumbasses

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  2. Unreal. I bet she is trying to get their cruise discounted in some way. I was on a @RoyalCarribean cruise earlier this year and the included food was amazing. @RoyalCarribean should kick them off the boat.

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  3. RC is excellent.

    More importantly, Royal Caribbean is known for their excellent customer service. I think that the whore is just trying to get a discounted cruise or something like that. That’s why she decided to sail with them.

    Leo and the whore are too cheap to sail with Cunard where their unfair/libelous complaints would be deservingly ignored.

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  4. My experience on RCI last year was very pleasant, especially given the size of the boat. While I upgraded my main dining room meals, my room service breakfasts were great.

    I fully expect the slunt (slut/cunt) ceHO to slip a cockroach from her handbag into a salad before the cruise ends to gain comps.

    Cuz we know how her ilk never pays retail.


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  5. Find it amusing that you are accusing her of libel when your posts about Father Robert being a pedophile meet that definition as well.

    In fact most of Hello World’s posts meet that definition.

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    1. Please don’t compare Leica Lens or any other TD poster with HW. You are exactly right about what you say about HW’s posts but this one is different.

      Leica Lens concedes that it probably doesn’t meet the test of libel. The potential libel is presented truthfully rather than just being a totally concocted story.

      People *have* successfully sued and received cash compensation for having their reputations tarnished or from sufferring financial loss from untrue things posted about their service or product on the net. It’s a stretch here that this could happen, but it isn’t the total 100% hate-mongering BS that we get from HW.

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    2. Or Megan being called a racist in spite of there being nothing to even suggest that that is true. Now she’s called a “possible racist” (whatever that mumbo jumbo means) making it look like TD has spoken with legal counsel.

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  6. And the stooooooooopid slunt is directing her complaints to a spoof account – which is amaaaaaaazing.

    Slunt can’t even spell the cruise company’s name correctly.

    That UoPHX mail-order degree sure is paying off.
    Nice ROI, Mr Laporke!

    Ha ha ha.
    (Don’t raff. Why you are raffing. Shut up.)

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  7. She can’t even be a vapid foodie properly, way to scarf down half your food before taking a picture of it. What a dumbcunt.

    But who is surprised, these two idiots haven’t enjoyed a single cruise from memory. Not that I blame them, cruising is for the stupid. For twenty grand I can think of much better vacations.

    I laugh that his friends are on a Jonathan Coulton cruise and he’s stuck with Lisa and some other guy’s kid on a floating city with rancid food. Karma baby, karma.

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    1. Cruising can be fun but not for twenty grand, I agree. However, keep in mind that that they blow money not for enjoyment but for the sake of showing off.

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      1. We went Hawaii for 7 days for $1600.00 and spent $300.00. We didn’t have to buy lunch the entire time, because we hung out with the stewardesses and they gave us all of the leftover sandwiches.

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  8. This post left out all the other complaints Lisa has Tweeted about. She’s complaining about everything, not just the food:

    “cruise and food is terrible! Best thing about the boat is our room. Worse (sic) cruise food ever!”

    “sad to say the service all around is terrible. Except what we pay for.”

    ” yeah and it’s sad. Nothing is open and they want us to watch SNF from the pool bar but they closed it.”

    “food, service and free amenities suck.”

    What’s funny is Leo investigates and shops these cruises beforehand like he compares phones. He asks Johnny Jet, the travel expert, before deciding. I wonder if everything is as bad as Lisa is making it out to be or whether she’s unhappy for other reasons and is taking it out on the cruise line.

    Leo’s Tweets are totally different. He has no complaints and is sending pics of his favorite parts of the ship with his latest toy. The difference between Leo’s and Lisa’s Tweets is as interesting as her griping. I’d love to know what’s going on between them.

    I can’t wait to hear what Leo has to say about his final vacation of ’15 when he gets back.

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      1. That skank is a tax criminal. Leo can’t give his kids phones he wrote off as a business expense. Purchasing the Segways for a video shoot and then using them for personal use is also tax fraud.

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    1. Not me. I don’t want to hear about his vacation at all. But we’ll hear about it and see the photos (on every show he’s on), for at least two weeks after he gets back.

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  9. Stooooopid slunt has sent nine complaints to the spoof RCI account.

    How much ya wanna bet she’s gonna say her account was hacked to save monkey face?

    I have been monitoring @barfblog, hoping for news of an isolated (to the amaaaazing suites) Norovirus outbreak aboard the Anthem.

    Pretty sure a somebody’s spitting in her food after those tweets.

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  10. First off why the hell anybody would drop $22k to be on a boat is beyond me and second i can see anybody being pissed after paying that much i mean most people who could afford this already having twisted nuts to begin with

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  11. If you look at the header image of top of the page for the real @RoyalCaribbean account, it’s plainly obvious why they chose to sail with this particular firm. There’s a massive hashtag over the company’s logo: #COMESEEK.

    You know the pair of them are looking to splash all over that sex swing.

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  12. American woman, stay away from me
    American woman, mama let me be

    Don’t come hanging ’round my door
    I don’t wanna see your face no more
    I got more important things to do
    Than spend my time growin’ old with you

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  13. Throw her overboard!!!

    What an ungrateful, #spoilt, #gold-digging, #money-grabbing, skank of a bitch!!!

    Vermin and fraudsters like her should not be allowed on boats.

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  14. Hang on a minute, they spent $22,000 on a cruise? I don’t understand. Twit is doing terrible and everything seems to be going wrong. How can they justify spending so much money? Is this a business trip or something? Their excuse to try out some gadgets for their shows or something?

    I can’t believe it. I feel so terrible for the people who donated or still donate money to them.

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  15. I think these twitter posts tell more than just a simple scam by her. I think if it were a scam she would have had Leo in on it so he posted similar complaints. This comes off to me like someone who is totally spoiled and entitled and this is the reason they never enjoy a single cruise. I can easily see this being her general disposition even under the best of circumstances. Being married to her must be a blast.

    I’ve been on several cruises with my family (3 people total) and I think the most we’ve ever paid for a one week cruise was around $4k, including air fare. If they blew $20k on a cruise then they got the luxury suite with all the trimmings.

    I guess when you blow $20k your expectations are higher and when you add the fact that she feels entitled and expects the cruise staff to treat her like royalty, then you never will enjoy the trip no matter how fantastic it was.

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    1. Agreed Esch, she only recently came into money.

      I believe she was bought up in a Trailer Park where she also “enjoyed the good life” servicing the locals and dreaming about 1st class living. Expectations have really gone to her head now.

      It is just sad that she expects everyone to treat her as something special even though she is just totally uncultured and has the demeanour and upbringing of a cheap call girl.

      The truth is, you can’t polish a turd.

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      1. When I lived overseas, I learned the phrase “ugly American”.

        Her picture should be the illustration on Wiki for that phrase. She’d fit right in anywhere in the EU with the other upper middle aged prune women who walk around with a sour look on their pusses and a wrinkled nose like they smell a turd. How DARE these foreigners live differently! How DARE they not know who *I* am?!?! I’m going to tell them exactly what I think on social media (when I’m far enough away that they won’t confront me). I’ll teach them not to serve cheeseburgers and fries at these car-done blue places!

        I’ve worked with the RC foodservice folks. They use top quality ingredients, hire very renowned chefs to make unique recipes, and their staff are highly trained. But to her Central Valley Chic tastes, fast food is better. That’s fine – you can take the girl out of the trailer park, etc, but to complain about Royal Caribbean? You’re just looking for reasons to bitch, probably because there’s wealthier people on board who won’t give her ugly ass and tubby hubby the time of day – and probably has to wait in line to dine with the captain. Definite reek of Princess Syndrome from Ms. Artisan.

        Neither one of them has an ounce of class. They want it, desperately, and spend millions to try and get some, but they have not a single shred, and never will. They just make Americans look bad when they leave their pampered little compounds where their hefty hubbies indulge their every whim.

        Fuck her. Royal Caribbean deserves better customers than her.

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  16. I have been a shrink for twenty years and I can tell you certain as a PH.D. Masters SoomaCumLada:

    This marriage is over and they are having money problems.

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    1. Everybody knows this. The marriage was never going to last. His previous wife had him pretty much under control and was an independent woman. His current “wife” lets him do whatever he wants because he is a sugar daddy.

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  17. Let me get this right. She single handily gets TWIT in the financial sewers and lays off people as a result of her incompetence. Then she spends $20,000+ on a cruise instead of reinvesting it in the business, and then bitches about not getting value for money on Twitter.

    Has she no shame! 😔

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  18. She will end up costing Leo everything he has before she is done. I hope Premier needs an old dude to answer What cell phone should I buy questions for the next 10 to 15 years.

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  19. At the outset of the cruise, Lisa posted a pic of their suite with a caption (something like), “Look what my husband gave me!” or “Look how my wonderful husband treats me!” Something like that. I can’t find the pic now. Maybe she deleted it. I think I must have seen it as a Twitter feed pic and caption.

    Now that the cruise sucks she makes it sound like it wasn’t really a present from Leo but a $20k purchase they made together with their mingled funds or else she is ungraciously and publically bad-mouthing her husband’s gift, “Look at this shit cruise my asshole husband bought.” I wonder what Leo is thinking about all this. Maybe, “Why did I ever leave Jennifer?”

    I don’t agree with much of the over-the-top criticism on TD, but I agree with it on Lisa. Lisa is revolting in every possible way.

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  20. Saturday, November 16, 2013

    Growing TWiT Beyond Leo Laporte
    The number one reason I took a job at TWiT was because Leo Laporte wanted to grow TWiT beyond Leo Laporte. Leo wanted to serve the tech community and planned to see the tech community taken care of long after he was gone. In 2010 TWiT was Leo Laporte, at least all of the income generated by TWiT was from Leo’s shows.

    It is 2013 and based on the first nine months of this year Leo’s shows are still responsible for 85% of the income generated at TWiT. It was my professional goal to have Leo’s shows responsible for less than half of the income generated by TWiT by the end of 2013 and to provide Leo with a more balanced life. I have clearly missed both of these goals. As CEO I am responsible for the business direction of TWiT and I own my work, my victories, my mistakes, and my missed goals.

    Currently I am planning 2014 and it is essential I take time to reflect on my work, the direction of TWiT, and what I need to do to make TWiT successful. In January of 2014 TWiT is launching two new shows and without Leo hosting them. The first is a programming show starring Father Robert Ballecer and Shannon Morse. The second is an evening news show starring Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar, Jason Howell, Father Robert Ballecer, and Shannon Morse. I have also modified TWiT’s programming schedule to provide Leo with two days off in a row and shifted his hosting duties on The Giz Wiz to Chad Johnson and Before You Buy to Father Robert Ballecer.

    We will see what 2014 holds for TWiT and what realistic goals I can set to move Leo’s company forward and transform it into a network.

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    1. CC, this blogger lives in AZ, and has stopped writing about Leo and TWiT, he’s as disgusted as the rest of us. As for Leo and his cruise’s, Leo is lazy, it’s his way of planning a trip, Lisa lets him do the planning so he can’t complain but that doesn’t keep her from mouthing off!!! If Lisa was as smart as she thinks she is, she would have attended one of the Bay Areas fine institutions of higher learning, USF, Stanford, Cal or Mills College.

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  21. Maybe. Just maybe. TWiT is actually doing well financially, and people here who say otherwise are stupid idiots.

    As long as Leo can get in front of the mic, TWiT isn’t going anywhere.

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    1. Que? No, TWiT is not doing well.

      Look above at the post that quotes Lisa’s objectives for 2014. They all failed. Coding 101 is gone, TN2 is gone; Sarah and Iyaz are gone. Both shows that Leo stopped hosting, ByB and Giz Wiz, are gone.

      Any hope of TWiT making a dime without Leo are gone.

      She is a miserable failure by her own words, and since she’s the Chief Executive of TWiT, it too, is a failure by extension.

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        1. Oh you said, did you?

          Even if you’re right, Leo’s abilities to get in front of a mic are increasingly questionable. What with his diabetes and massive weight gain,

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          1. Nonsense. Leo’s “beetus” is not like the tyoe you have to take insulin for. It is a manageable condition and with any luck at all (for him, not you) will not impair his ability to live a full life. Sorry. Massive weight gain is also a wishful exaggeration. Like most middle-aged people, he’s gained some weight. With his genetics and access to the best medical care he will probably outlive those who hope he dies soon.

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  22. Only a false statement of fact can be defamatory; opinions, so long as they are not just facts couched as opinions, are never defamatory. If rancid is defined as a rank, unpleasant, and stale odor or taste, than declaring food to be rancid is classic protected opinion, because it is not a provably false assertion.

    Moreover, a public figure, such as RC, would need to prove actual malice. Actual malice does not mean ill-will or intent to do harm, but rather the writing of a false statement of fact with knowledge that it was false or a reckless disregard for the truth. As you can imagine, this is very difficult to prove. As such, the CeHO, while still a despicable human being, did not libel RC.

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    1. It would be highly unusual for someone to think that a bad smell or taste due to decomposition (the definition of rancid) was not unpleasant or disagreeable. It’s not like one person would smell rancid meat and say, “It’s unpleasant” while another smelling the same rancid meat would say, “It smells okay to me.” So rancidness is not an opinion. It’s either truthful or not truthful.

      A corporation may or may not be considered a public figure for the same reasons that a person may or may not be considered a public figure. It’s not automatic that a corporation is considered a public figure. It’s a judgment call by a judge. If a corporation is not actively and regularly before the public in the news, but merely is known due to its advertising, it may not be classified as a public figure.

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  23. Funny that the CEO of a business that provides a crap ‘free to view’ service is complaining about a cruise with a ‘free to eat until you puke’ service that turns out is not up to her expectations.
    Pot meet Kettle.

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  24. A little tip for any eating establishment you may dine at. Be careful about bitching and raising hell about the food like she appears to be. Word can get back to the cooks and they could possibly spit on her food, drop it on the floor and put it on the plate. Things like that can be done without the bitchy customer ever knowing. In other words, be nice, not super bitchy, because it does happen.

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    1. I’ve had direct experience with cooks putting tiny flys (and other small bugs) into foods (hidden very well). They would then sit back with others and watch as the victim shoveled the plate contents into their mouths completely oblivious. Every single one (only a few really) deserved this treatment for being TOTAL DICKS. Don’t get me started about pissing in the drinks. Shit like this has been going on forever. Nothing new to those who’ve worked in these businesses.

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  25. So the happy couple decide to cruise of the biggest boat afloat with 5,000 of their best friends and they expect the free slop served to masses will be any good? What flipping idiots.

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    1. Royal Caribbean food is usually excellent. Not as good as Princess but far more than adequate.

      Who spends over twenty grand for a cruise and then eats at a general cafeteria anyway? I thought they’d get room service from Gordon Ramsey in between their fuck sessions.

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  26. What’s sad to me is they could have paid off my school loans instead of spending their money on this trip. Leo calls himself liberal, but lives like a 1%er. This is why people hate you rich people. You live like this, complain, and expect more while the rest of us live paycheck to paycheck barely. Worst part is Leo does nothing to deserve to be a 1%er

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  27. Just to show that the behavior is a pattern with her, go back in her Twitter timeline about 2 months and you’ll find her bitching about the 49ers stadium food stands. “@49ers your stadium sucks! I am a season tix holder for 25 years and I can’t buy a snack because your concession stands close in 3rd qtr!”

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    1. 25 years? A Petaluma barfly has had season tickets for 25 years? This immediately sounds like bullshit. The good news is that she likes to complain publicly. That means when she finally ditches Uncle Leo or vice versa she’ll post all her complaints about the guy for everyone to read. Huzzah. That day is ever closer.

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