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Leo Laporte Admits He Has to Buy Friends

See below the video for an important message.

In the video above, you will witness Leo Laporte admit that he has no friends and that he started TWiT as a way to surround himself by people who he can claim to be his “good friend” so and so. It’s just another in a long line of sad admissions made by Leo Laporte.

Many people have asked why we do this. Why do we watch Leo Laporte run what was once a great podcast network into the ground? Why do we collect, edit, and post proof of him showing dick pics, cunt pics, porn he browses, terrible things he says about cohosts, terrible things he does to cohosts, banning, insulting/erasing and dismissing old friends, erasing shows of those he no longer likes, and even possibly driving a man to commit suicide?

I don’t have a good answer anymore. It used to be for the truth, the lulz, and a hope that TWiT would get back on the right track.

TWiT is never going to get back on the right track.

I have made many videos, but in truth, many of the latest ones have come from tips from readers, because I can’t watch TWiT anymore. It’s unbearable. I’m also now tired of expending my mental energy writing stories and making videos.

Can you imagine editing together videos of TWiT and Leo? Having to listen to him say things over and over, cutting out the unimportant parts to leave in what is funny, relevant, and interesting? It’s the worst “job” in the world.

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

Total Drama is an altruistic effort. We have no ads, and the infrastructure is donated by those who believe in the effort. No money is made of any kind, and in fact is lost, in the pursuit of the truth regarding TWiT.

I have several posts in the queue including never-before-seen videos, and I may publish those, perhaps without extra commentary. But, for now it seems, the road comes to an end for me.

The New Jeff Jarvis won’t be writing any new posts unless something major or terribly interesting happens. For example, posts like this one with the video above will not be created.

We have lost many writers, and I believe I am the first to say goodbye. I hope that by doing this, other writers may join, and perhaps some of those we lost may come back.

It’s all #OneAss, after all. TYFYC.