Apple finally says much-deserved ‘fuck you’ to Leo Laporte

Even though Leo Laporte is still apparently “on vacation,” he still finds time to bitch about Apple leaving him out of their celebration of 10 Years of Podcasts. It’s nice to see Apple finally realizing that a fat prick who turned his back on them years ago by referring to his podcasts as “netcasts” doesn’t deserve to be a part of that history.

Update: Apparently Leo whined like a little bitch and it appears that the little baby got his way… But this doesn’t change the fact that Leo was indeed left out of the original list. Certainly a long way for a former “legend in the biz” to have fallen. Last time I checked, people who have had sustained success and are valued by their peers don’t have to beg for inclusion.

Leo Laporte finally has a forum to talk about “trolls”

Leo Laporte finally gets to talk about his "haters."
Leo Laporte finally gets to talk about his “haters.”
Kiss-ass Nerdist sycophant Chris Hardwick interviewed Mr. LaPork.

Brace yourselves, TotalDrama fans! Leo Laporte—at long last—has been granted a forum where he can air his many grievances against the “trolls” that are pointing out his failings: The Nerdist Podcast’s Chris Hardwick has posted the hour-long interview with LaPig…and it is a doozy.

The Nerdist podcast is just a big dumb hatefest against the loving, adorable troll.
The Nerdist podcast is just a big dumb hatefest against the loving, adorable troll.

We invite you to take a listen to where the first thing out of Leo’s mouth are the words “strip poker” and then the familiar death-rattle wheezy laugh. Later on, LaPork blabs about the haters. It’s a pretty good listen; so check it out and don’t forget to tweet Hardwick (@nerdist) that he’s a douche for giving Leo a forum for his lies.

Listen to the podcast here.

TWiT guest says “colored people” and white panelists say nothing

Jeff John Roberts
Jeff John Roberts apparently thinks that saying “colored people” is acceptable.

In a stunning break from political correctness and the much-vaunted “family-friendly” nature of the TWiT network, a white man was allowed to spew racist language on the flagship “This Week in Tech” program hosted by Mike Elgan on Sunday. Elgan and his three other white male co-hosts said nothing as “Fortune” tech writer Jeff John Roberts said “colored people” in response to a question about trolls on Reddit.

Is Jeff John Roberts a backwards racist? Who uses language like this in 2015? Do the white men who appeared at TWiT not think this is unacceptable? The editorial board at TotalDrama eagerly awaits the answers to these questions.

Will Al Sharpton be marching on Petaluma? This is an outrage!
Will Al Sharpton be marching on Petaluma? This is an outrage!

For starters, an apology from Jeff John Roberts for his racist language would be appropriate. And secondly, it would be nice to have an African-American woman on the panel next week as a show of good faith that TWiT does not harbor racists.

TWiT tries to ruin another writer’s career

Yikes, Jeff John Roberts looks like shit.
Yikes, Jeff John Roberts looks like shit.

“Fortune” magazine writer Jeff John Roberts is ruining his career with his disastrous appearance on “This Week in Tech.” Plagued with audio problems that booted him from the show for a time and cursed with a horrible video feed, one has to wonder why the veteran tech writer even wanted to appear on TWiT in the first place.

Hey, Jeff: Get a grip and promise to never return and perhaps you can salvage your broadcast career—which at this point is pretty much in tatters. You can thank the incredible tech team at the TWiT network for throwing you under the bus.

Megan Morrone hits the wall

Was Megan ever good looking?
Was Megan ever good looking?

Megan Morrone, host of “Tech News 2Night,” has hit the wall.

I’m waiting for the haters in the comments to tell me that she looks good. Because she doesn’t. So that would make all of you saying otherwise liars.

Just cut and paste these comments to save time:

  • “This site has gone downhill.”
  • “She’s a mother—how dare you.”
  • “HelloWorld is ruining this blog.”
  • “I used to like this site but you guys have really crossed the line.”

Megan has since deleted a tweet back to somebody posting the link to this blog post. It appears that Megan can’t stand behind the courage of her own convictions. Why did she delete the tweet? What is she ashamed of?

Megan Morrone deleted this tweet—but not before we grabbed a screenshot of hit.
Megan Morrone deleted this tweet—but not before we grabbed a screenshot of hit.

One week later and Megan is not even pretending to try:

Megan Morrone looks sad and miserable as a TWiT slave worker.
Megan Morrone looks sad and miserable as a TWiT slave worker.

Lisa Laporte [CEO] Creeping Her Way Across Europe

Guest SubmissionWe all know that legally it is permissible to photograph people in public (in the U.S.) but apparently Lisa Laporte thinks it is A.O.K. to take pictures of innocent strangers and post them on the internet. This from the bogus celebrity couple who can’t even stand to be questioned by the public without going after those inquisitive citizens. Hypocrisy, have you no limit?


It’s the targeting of teenagers that I can’t stomach, Lisa. You know?

Send any further #scoups to us through our feedback system.

PadreSJ to help the poor!

PadreSJ is expected to spend time caring for the poor. He will console those in need. He will provide comfort to those who find themselves in dire straits. He will shelter those without homes. He will offer care to those who have no one to look out for them.

F the Poor
F the Poor

On second thought, he will continue using the money donated to the church by hardworking Catholics to supply slave labor to a man who hates Catholicism. A man who needs more commandments from god to make it a challenge to violate all ten decrees on a daily basis.

Mike Elgan’s Awkward Advances Toward Kashmir Hill Rebuffed

Village Idiot
Village Idiot
Like a sad little dog who can’t get adopted but still looks up and begs each passer-by to take him home, Mike Elgan pleaded with Kashmir Hill to be a guest on This Week in Tech this Sunday. Apparently Kevin Rose can’t be bothered to fulfill his hosting obligations he previously made.

Kashmir, meanwhile, doesn’t give a shit about TWiT and won’t co-host the bottom of the barrel podcast even though she works for a flagging website/network possibly going out of business. Apparently no work is better than working for TWiT.

What followed was a nearly five minute excruciatingly painful reminder that outside of fans and previous fans, most people don’t know who Leo Laporte is, and they certainly don’t know about his This Week in Boring White Men Discussing News Ad Nauseum show (TWiBWMDNAN). Kashmir Hill, a regular co-host of TNT, had literally no idea what the Shithouse looked like and had never seen TWiT in her life (she was amazed at the faces in the TVs around the host).

Gum couldn’t quit trying to woo Ms. Hill who actually has a life outside of TWiT. Gum annoyed Kashmir by constantly requesting her presence even though she’d turned him down multiple times, in multiple ways. No means no, Mike. Perhaps Kashmir should have said “I mean, I like doing stuff with you Mike, but… I’m kinda washing my hair Sunday?”

Even the sycophant moderators in TWiT’s chat room are upset that Gum is hosting instead of Rose.

<@ScooterX> No Kevin Rose on TWiT on Sunday? Bummer
<+PDelahanty> ScooterX: Yeah.  Probably busy with something.
<@ScooterX> PDelahanty: likely unpacking since he just moved to NYC this past week per instagram and twitter
<+PDelahanty> ScooterX: Yeah, probably.

Yeahhhhhhhhh. We’re sure that’s what it was. It wasn’t that Kevin Rose has far surpassed the confines of TWiT and has made a name for himself independent of the failing network and never looked back.

Sometimes people are just out of your league, Gum. Just accept it and move on to the losers who will always show up for a buck (e.g. Oh Doctah, Jason Snell [#snoobs], and Christina Warren [#flimsy]).

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The NYSE is down, and TNT’s lead story is a thermostat

Who gives a fuck? The NYSE is down. Don't they know what a real tech story is?
Who gives a fuck? The NYSE is down. Don’t they know what a real tech story is?

The New York Stock Exchange is down due to an internal technical glitch and Mike Elgan, the news director of “Tech News Today,” decides to lead off his program with a story about the Nest thermostat and an “easter egg” hidden inside the code.

Mike Wehner of “The Daily Dot” was on to talk about some bullshit Asimov gobbledy-gook stuffed inside the programming of the gadget that advertises on the network. Hmm? Native-advertise much, Elgum?

This is TWiT.