Behold the luscious manboobs of Jason Snell

On a recent episode of “MacBreak Weekly” contributor Jason Snell showed up to the Twit Shithouse with more than just an opinion or two: He came ready to rock with his gargantuan mantits—all perky and ready for a fight.

Update: In the interest of clarity, the editorial board at #TotalDrama wishes to expound on the purpose of this post: We never mean to harm or offend any of God’s creatures. We merely seek to inform; thus creating a brighter world in which children of all ages can gather and learn together. Plus, we’re pretty sure that Snell will never appear on camera again with those torpedo tits, thus creating a safer atmosphere of kindness and solemnity for all.

16 thoughts on “Behold the luscious manboobs of Jason Snell”

  1. Making fun of someone’s appearance is lazy and adds nothing. Total weaksauce.

    This site was better back in the .org days. Congratulations on becoming the TWiT of TWiT criticism!

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  2. I disagree with Bonsoir, Noreason and Molly. After this tweet, he deserves it. They should know that.

    Jason Snell (@jsnell)
    12/29/14, 4:47 PM
    @film_girl I’m on that guy’s list too. It’s a troll who hates TWiT, apparently because of when @acedtect left? I dunno. I just report him.

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  3. Many men have boobs as a result of medical conditions or other factors beyond their control, so making fun of it is the same as teasing a blind person for not being able to see.

    Even if his boobs were a result of overindulgence, we shouldn’t live in a society where people have to always cover up for fear of ridicule.

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  4. Snell fired the first shot with his vicious tweet. And in “war,” you always go for the fleshiest, most vulnerable part of a man’s body…which in this case, is Snell’s lady chest.

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  5. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Do some actual criticism and not 3rd grade taunts.

    Also who is the Francisco character that is saying those awful things to Christina? Is it someone at totaldrama? Because that is really awful.

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