Mike Elgan’s Awkward Advances Toward Kashmir Hill Rebuffed

Village Idiot
Village Idiot
Like a sad little dog who can’t get adopted but still looks up and begs each passer-by to take him home, Mike Elgan pleaded with Kashmir Hill to be a guest on This Week in Tech this Sunday. Apparently Kevin Rose can’t be bothered to fulfill his hosting obligations he previously made.

Kashmir, meanwhile, doesn’t give a shit about TWiT and won’t co-host the bottom of the barrel podcast even though she works for a flagging website/network possibly going out of business. Apparently no work is better than working for TWiT.

What followed was a nearly five minute excruciatingly painful reminder that outside of fans and previous fans, most people don’t know who Leo Laporte is, and they certainly don’t know about his This Week in Boring White Men Discussing News Ad Nauseum show (TWiBWMDNAN). Kashmir Hill, a regular co-host of TNT, had literally no idea what the Shithouse looked like and had never seen TWiT in her life (she was amazed at the faces in the TVs around the host).

Gum couldn’t quit trying to woo Ms. Hill who actually has a life outside of TWiT. Gum annoyed Kashmir by constantly requesting her presence even though she’d turned him down multiple times, in multiple ways. No means no, Mike. Perhaps Kashmir should have said “I mean, I like doing stuff with you Mike, but… I’m kinda washing my hair Sunday?”

Even the sycophant moderators in TWiT’s chat room are upset that Gum is hosting instead of Rose.

<@ScooterX> No Kevin Rose on TWiT on Sunday? Bummer
<+PDelahanty> ScooterX: Yeah.  Probably busy with something.
<@ScooterX> PDelahanty: likely unpacking since he just moved to NYC this past week per instagram and twitter
<+PDelahanty> ScooterX: Yeah, probably.

Yeahhhhhhhhh. We’re sure that’s what it was. It wasn’t that Kevin Rose has far surpassed the confines of TWiT and has made a name for himself independent of the failing network and never looked back.

Sometimes people are just out of your league, Gum. Just accept it and move on to the losers who will always show up for a buck (e.g. Oh Doctah, Jason Snell [#snoobs], and Christina Warren [#flimsy]).

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22 thoughts on “Mike Elgan’s Awkward Advances Toward Kashmir Hill Rebuffed”

    1. Joe: Pull your head out of your ass and admit that asking a guest in public to appear on your show is pretty bush league. Imagine Gumbot asking his junior high school crush out to the school dance and now imagine her saying no in front of all of his friends in the lunchroom. It was a major professional faux pas that put both Gumdumb and Ms. Hill in a bad light. Oh, and eat a dick.

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      1. Helloworld, You don’t even have a show… and even total drama fans hate your post here.. Who is the real bush leaguer here? Your lame post, is actually what saved TWIT.. Your post cost this site its credibility, and non of the sponsors took your this site seriously because of your shit ass post…

        If you couldn’t take down LEO with dick gate, hang it up.. you are done.

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        1. The tactic of you Leo Lovers claiming that TotalDrama needs to “rise above” when writing about The Twitshit network is so transparent. Why would we need to be better than him? We’re just observing and blogging the comings and goings of an obese sexual deviant and his cast of religious clownsuit-wearing pedophiles. We are ALREADY better than them.

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    2. yup basically hw got my point it was awkward conversation to me and it did kinda feel like a high school crush situation lol. what i meant by it being sad btw ( twit buttkisser joe) is that its sad that the hosts have to ask live on air for people to come on the flagship show not in the future but this Sunday a couple of days from now. even though kevin rose cancelled didnt they have guests lined up already? twit used to have them booked well in advanced. it was sad because i looked very apparent that they didnt want in house hosts doing twit while leo was gone. first they had tom back , then they had becky and jason guest host. hmm becky is barely ever on twit anymore and jason it was his second appearance in years. same for kevin other than a couple of shows recently. its pathetic that leos top two hosts were not made guests hosts this time. last time leo was away he had them and what a shock no one watched probably. it was sad that twit used to have plenty of in house talent that could easily fill in for leo and do a good job. leo knows gum and padre are not as good as past hosts. twit will die if leo doesnt get some decent talent to fill the gaps when he is away. otherwise sell the studio downsize and go back to a handful of decent shows and not 20 crappy ones.

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      1. oh and it was also sad that a tnt contributor had no idea what twit was at all. they didnt know about the FAMOUS brick house and didnt know what the flagship show was about,
        it was sad that the flagship show for the network cant even have guests ready for it 2 days to air. yeah kevin cancelled but wheres the guests and didnt they mention prager too.

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  1. This turd hasn’t improved a bit. Fire his ass already. Haven’t watched a single show where he or Fat Fuck have filled in.

    And Leo on a honeymoon? Gag me with a spoon, you don’t have a honeymoon when you’re 60 and on your third try.

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    1. yeah i agree and didn’t he have a vacation not long after his wedding anyways? if he did why is this all the sudden a honeymoon ? im pretty sure he went on a trip, or vacation since the wedding the timing just seems odd

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      1. It’s a hunnymoon because Lisa’s little rug rat is off to his dads for the summer swap. The little tyke should just stay with his dad, I’m tired of Leo bringing the little guy up in every other family story he uses to sell the crap Lisa has booked.

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    1. Effendung,

      It wasn’t a lie moron. Gum is filling in, he was not supposed to host. Leo banned Gum and Padre from hosting, but once again Kevin Rose ditched Leo last minute and they have no one else who can host in studio.

      Analogy; Imagine if Leo said “No clowns running the board for TWiT, I only want Howell.” Then Howell got sick so he had Effenidiot run the board. Understand?

      By the way, the lower third that says “follow me at Elgan.com” is kinda sorta y’know uh um, stupid.

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