TWiT tries to ruin another writer’s career

Yikes, Jeff John Roberts looks like shit.
Yikes, Jeff John Roberts looks like shit.

“Fortune” magazine writer Jeff John Roberts is ruining his career with his disastrous appearance on “This Week in Tech.” Plagued with audio problems that booted him from the show for a time and cursed with a horrible video feed, one has to wonder why the veteran tech writer even wanted to appear on TWiT in the first place.

Hey, Jeff: Get a grip and promise to never return and perhaps you can salvage your broadcast career—which at this point is pretty much in tatters. You can thank the incredible tech team at the TWiT network for throwing you under the bus.

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  1. I only saw 3 minutes of the show which was only Andy talking, but this show looked bad. They couldn’t get guests so they called in favors from the TwIt (Renee and Andy) independent contractors. This ship is sinking fast.

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    1. It seems like Mike has also exhausted all his writing colleagues who are tired of being on the embarrassing shows.

      These friend/colleagues need to be honest with Mike and tell him how bad he is. Please. For the love of God put him out of his misery. Are none of you real friends?

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  2. I thought there was some honest/good talk about Reddit and Microsoft (finally, but it got so buried by a bunch of nonsense that it was hard to stick out.

    Jeff John Roberts is a writer not a video guy so I don’t blame anyone for him not having the best setup for video.

    And you know what? Mike wasn’t so bad, I mean, it was TNT jr, I think its been about a year since I last saw him and he’s definitely improved. There’s definitely personality there but he does switch into a weird newsman act when he’s actually being recorded.

    But honest request TwiT peeps, because I know you read this, please, no more google glass talk ever, its dead.

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    1. He has no personality, fake or real.

      I tried listening, couldn’t even make it past the pre-show wjere Gumbot told a fascinating story of how he spent the night in a vineyard. No punchline, no relation to tech – just some inane thoughts from the brilliant mind of the News Director.

      And sorry, regardless of how many times they joke about it, there’s no point listening to the MBW panel twice in a week. Why did they have decent subs the first week and the following two were all last minute people? Wasn’t Leo always going to be gone for 3 weeks? Someone is sleeping on the job.

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      1. well not sure about the week Jason hosted but this weeks show was prob last second thrown together because it was supposed to be Kevin rose hosting. he knew better and bailed so they forced gum on us even though originally they didn’t seem to want that. guest are avoiding twit it seems more and more prob cause of dickgate and they see how fucked up twit has become. hell the woman gum was hitting on tnt to come host didn’t bother and she didn’t know what twit was even. its just pathetic they let it get so bad. u know its thrown togeterh when half of the host are twit hosts.

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        1. I guess Calacanis may have been pre-planned, he just isn’t host material IMO. He didn’t introduce himself once during last week’s TWiT, as if everyone knows him? I wouldn’t have a clue who he was if he hadn’t been on a few weeks ago.

          But didn’t Kevin the Wunderkind cancel last week? They had enough time to find some guests if not a better host. Or maybe not, maybe people really aren’t answering TWiT’s phonecalls anymore.

          Though I may seem like a jilted lover troll person, I throughly enjoyed the first show with Becky… It’s still watchable when they aren’t phoning it in.

          Oh, and Kevin Rose seems like a high falutin diva. How many times has he cancelled on TWiT? Stop asking him already, he isn’t nearly as cool as Leo seems to believe. Even with his name making a cameo on Silicon Valley…

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  3. Gum was so awful I begin to describe. Um, ah, um, hmm, um, um, ummmmm.

    Nothing quick witted, tonight, just long stream of conscious rants from RR, AI and Gum.

    Lord it was dreadful. I turned it off after 10 minutes. I was almost wishing Leo ws back on air. Almost…

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  4. I don’t get sometimes the internet connection some of the guests have. I mean you would think being in tech they would have at least some reliable broadband, and while issues can happen at any time, I find it hard to believe that they last for as long as some of the guest’s issues have lasted.

    I might be in the minority here, but when my Skype goes bad it doesn’t last more than 30 seconds and it doesn’t happen multiple times in an hour.

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  5. That show was a car-crash that I stopped watching after about 20 minutes. This Jeff guy was an idiot (doesn`t he know what echo123 id for on Skype?), the audio was shit, he had that fucking fan running right over his head (I was hoping for a propeller scene from Indiana Jones), and the `host` just fumbled his way through his dialog for the entire 20 minutes – losing track of the very sentence he was trying to get out.

    The ads were torture, and he has that stupid “nothing to see – move along” look on his face the whole time. He couldn`t even her the “Hi, this is TWiT, This Week in Tech” bit right without having to do a second take.

    He loved announcing that he was the “News Director” though – what a joke. Those kind of titles aren`t impressive in a Mom and Pop operation. Was he broadcasting from their “Global Headquarters” too? Ha ha ha ha

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  6. I wish people would notice how bad Mike is. His questions are the opposite of in-depth analysis.

    He has like 6 original thoughts that are all idiotic and he constantly repeats them. Here is one of them:
    Why do people (tech journalists) mind the Google glass camera and yet the same people like Meerkat and Periscope?
    Why is he so stupid that he doesn’t comprehend that people mind Google glass because it is surreptitious. Is he that removed from humanity that he doesn’t realize that hidden cams are an issue whereas people holding up and pointing cell phones is not sneaky.

    Most guest hosts pick their own panel. They want people they are comfortable with. When Rose cancelled his panel of guests probably cancelled too. Gum is scared to host with people like JCD or anyone remotely confrontational. He wants friends and people who wont shake the boat.

    If anything happens remotely off-script… he gets visibly shaken. I am not saying he is a moron or I can do better, he just has zero broadcast skills and should not be a broadcaster.

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    1. Honestly I wish Soup would read these words, GhostDog.

      This is a razor sharp look at Gummy and why he should be replaced.

      Could you imagine Gummy hosting with JCD?…. Gummy would be eaten alive. It would be epic and CLASSIC!

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  7. Mike did a great job hosting this week’s TWiT! It was a real good look at the state of tech on an otherwise slow news week. Becky, of course, did a fantastic job hosting. Even the show with Jason Calicanis was good, but given his history, there’s no point in waiting for him to get comfortable enough to revert to his egotistical asshole self, let alone try to screw TWiT over again.

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  8. I’ve been TWIT free for going on five months now and I feel terrific! So many cool podcasts available it’s crazy. The Joe Rogan Experience, RadioLab, Tangentially Speaking, NoAgendaShow, and list goes on and on. I derived absolutely nothing from all the TWIT programs including the “Tech Guy”. I was Leo/Screen Savers fan many many years ago but no more.

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    1. I quit for most of 2014 but got pulled back in when I discovered this site. Watching the slow destruction of TWiT and Leo is too enjoyable, schadenfreude is the basis for what we find humorous afterall.

      Thank you for your courage, amen fistbump.

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