Who among us can forget the joyous outcry when Gum was announced as the new and improved host of TNT. It was about 15 seconds later that iYaz resigned, causing the CEO to blog “We are disappointed to announce that Iyaz Akhtar has chosen to leave…” A month later the lovely and talented Sarah Lane shocked the world by splitting up from Gum. Anyone who truly appreciated on-screen chemistry was reeling in sorrow.

True Love
You will need a chainsaw to cut this tension!

Jason Howell was the sole survivor and he proved to be on borrowed time as well. But then….. the News Director in conjunction management orchestrated a master-class plan.

Promlem not Solved
Promlem not Solved

A rotating co-host line-up was brought in to stabilize [complicate] the rotating carousel of unemployed journalists and bloggers. Then one by one they dropped off too. Sarah Silbert left Tech, Elise Hu left the country and Don Resinger left everything and is currently believed missing. Other co-hosts were brought in to replace the departed but one by one they left followed their predecessor’s liberating path to bliss. K.T. Benner and others. The current crop of hosts, like Christina Warren, have  figured out how to manage this train-wreck show. She basically does not pay attention to Mike or the guests and wakes up when it’s her turn to read the questions Gum prepared. She spends the rest of the show typing away on her computer, texting friends or eating cereal. She loves cereal.

Recently, she had a bona-fide scoop and interviewed some of the reclusive top executives at Apple Inc.. Her commitment to TNT saw her take the day off from TNT to appear on real programs.

….anyway, this show is hilarious and I recommend it.

Leo Laporte’s Most Fervent Fans Rejoice When He’s Gone

I need more soup for my jowls, please.
I need more soup for my jowls, please.
When Jason Calacanis (who doesn’t hold a candle to Becky Worley as a TWiT host) apologized for not being Leo to a fan who traveled to the Shithouse for a live show, the fan replied: “This is better.”

We aren’t sure if this man of courage is a reader of Total Drama. He may or may not be part of #OneAss. Whoever he is, he is our hero for speaking the truth on the live stream, and we wholeheartedly concur with his opinion. He truly embodies our founding fathers’ independent spirit.

E pluribus unum. In other words: One Ass.

Video of The Hero