18 thoughts on “Leo Laporte states outrageous cost for ‘iPadToday’”

  1. Yep, screw all of the great content and fun that’s been had on the show. #soup and CEHo don’t care about that anymore. There’s no fun to be had at TWiT! There’s no need for great content! It’s all about money, money, money, more money, even more money, and oh yeah, more money! The fire in his heart for tech is out, and now he’s a typical greedy business owner who cares about nothing but the finest cars, finest house, finest vacations, and finest accommodations. Imagine how much better off TWiT would have been if it was owned by someone with a soul and if it was managed by someone whose chief objective wasn’t to get in the owner’s pants and to get a ring on her finger so that she could get half of his money.

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  2. Sarah Lane must really enjoy humiliation. She’s constantly humiliated by Leo, sexually harassed, yet she choses to stay and not look for better working environment.

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    1. Yes I seen Sarah dumped on by Leo, it’s too bad, she is a pretty cool person with a great personality.
      Too bad she lacks self worth and dignity.
      She can’t seem to keep a decent man in her life, don’t know if it is the booze or drugs that is a problem.

      Good luck Sarah watch your back around Leo, especially if your bending over.

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  3. The classic #SOUP tell, the attempt to conceal a laugh, identifies yet another blatant lie by Leo Laslug.

    Every time he comes out with one of his whoppers he does the same thing. The bigger the lie the harder it is for him to conceal the laugh. In this instance it was a whopper and he almost choked trying to conceal the laugh.

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  4. I always knew TWiT would die when they moved to a big studio. Running an expensive studio is a lose/lose situation. Tech moves too fast. Leo already had the main stage shows figured out in the old place. There is no need for a studio that size. Honestly, what added value has been added to twit since production costs went up so high?

    Whoever convinced Leo to make such a move was a bonehead and had no realization of how long term this network could function. Tech changes, it’s pure luck to actually find a new show that grabs audiences. constantly cancelling start up shows just frustrates any type of viewership might be attracted to your ideas. It’s a mess.

    And that a big high five on boosting sarah’s worth to your network. make her feel like the show is crap and she is wasting your money.. bravo.. keep the morale high.

    Maybe cut back on the Lunches too, Sushi Slayer. That might save a few dollars.

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    1. Leave politics out of it, but Leo thinks he’s a pioneer, he’s not. Glenn Beck left Fox News and spent $30,000,000 dollars, Leo spent $1,250,000 of who’s money?
      Triangulation has people we don’t know and don’t care about, Beck has had Eric Schmidt on twice and he is in awe of what Beck has created. He’s also had Malcolm Gladwell, I’m sure Leo isn’t even close to knowing what he’s talking about.
      Don’t give me any Beck hate, this about Leo thinking he’s all that, he’s not. Leo is a poser who moved to Petaluma to be a big fish in a little pond.

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      1. If you watched yesterday’s episode, err Infomercial, for the founder of Evernote, you would have been stunned by slavish attention to trying to persuade people to get evernote and then pay for the annual subscription just because you will like it so much.

        It wasn’t even Phil Liben doing the informercial it was that fat piece of dog turd, I bet Mr Liben was sure glad that it was an interview done through Skype, Leo would have been giving him a BJ during the interview.

        In fact this seems to have been the whole theme of Triangulation more times than not. Sure he has had some interesting people but it is getting more like selling the product.

        In fact you know that the more interesting people are trying to not associate themselves in any way with Leo’Tard Laporte or TWiT.

        You are right Mark, Soup wanted to build his empire where the world would revolve around him.

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    But $400,000 / 215 = $1,860 an episode.

    Now, while that might SOUND high, it’s probably more accurate than not.

    First off, if Sarah Lane is making, say, $100,000 annually…and she’s doing this show weekly and devoting 1-1.5 days a week of her 5-day work week to the 1-hr. show in prep time…..since July 2010 (four years ago), that alone is a cost of $100,000-150,000 in salary spent on the show, just for Sarah Lane.

    Next, while I don’t think it needs to be as bloated as it is, I could see the cost of two techs recording the shows/editing/saving it after making up a combined day or so of labor as well, probably at $50,000 annually (if we averaged the tech’s salaries). Over the span of four years, this would be about $50,000 in salary cost for editors.

    Then, while the cottage costs were lower, the studio (which I don’t think needed to be made so extravagant) probably indeed does cost a bit to operate with insurance, utilities, etc. – since we cannot say iPad Today supports or requires that stuff really, the most we can do is probably charge it for rent/utilities/etc. on a pro-rated setup for the month…maybe combined it totals $150 an episode. Over four years (let’s go to $100 per show cost if we include the cottage days), that’s approx. $22,000.

    NOW THE BIG “GOTCHA” is that I believe Leo is including HIS pay in the formula as well. So if ~$588 of Sarah’s weekly paycheck is devoted to iPad Today, Leo AS THE “CO-HOST” probably thinks HIS PAY should be equal, if not slightly more. So he’s probably “paying himself” $600 or so an episode, for doing little more than talking back to Sarah. He’s not doing prep work – he’s just sitting there. That, over 4 years, equals nearly $129,000.

    Add all that up and you get $351,000.

    Still not $400,000, but I can see where this amount “makes sense” in Leo’s mind.

    But I’ve worked at places before where MY WORK or MY DEPARTMENT has to foot the bill for company garbage (such as HR employees or office space we never set foot on for work) and it is counted against our bottom line and billable hours. It’s bullcrap.

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      1. Unfortunately MOST business owners (especially SMALL business owners) think they are some geniuses that are worth thousands of dollars per week (or day even!).

        What’s sad is that my math is only sorta right if we assume Sarah Lane is making $100k and those engineers are making $50k. I suspect the real wages are ~75% of that at best.

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    1. The biggest problem with his math is that there is no accounting for revenue for the show. So, does that mean in all that time there has never been sufficient advertising?

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  6. I apologize, I thought he meant $400,000 a year. 400k for four years of shows is not that much. In Laporte math, he just neglects to mention income earned on the 400K. He is worse than old media at this point. Old media never did that to content creators. Making creators obsessed with money is pretty stupid. They should focus on content, the inept ad team should focus on ads and the negligent advertising/social-media team should be fired they are so bad. Imagine debuting an Internet show and getting ZERO promotion.

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