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Image006There was a recent tweet, pictured below, that brought to light another example of the mismanagement of TWiT. When you see Laporte telling the host of a show (Sarah Lane) how much money he sinks into her show it is wrong on so many levels. TWiT is not “old media” it is actually worse than old media. By the way, this maniac attributes the money spent on iPad Today  to Sarah and the money earned to himself….And Laporte claims that two people at #TotalDrama are mentally ill?

The way a network should be run is a host/producer should have one job only. To make a good show. There are other people in charge of selling ads who are under Lisa, (albeit someone with zero sales experience.) They also should have one person responsible for media, social media, maybe placing an ad, maybe making sure they book hosts to appear on other podcasts, radio shows etc.

Instead, the duo that is incapable of taking any blame puts everything on the host. Why da heck should a host be responsible or even know what the rent is. If TWiT ran 60 shows a week the allocated rent to (ie) OMGCraft would obviously be less than it is if they run 25 shows a week. That is totally outside his realm and his show’s “cost” should have NOTHING to do with how many shows TWiT does. Instead, they make that a burden on hosts.

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The sales department is grossly negligent as are other departments. If the Sopranos aired on TWiT it would have been cancelled. They really need some talented management there, this boat is sinking fast and more and more talent is leaving. Chad, if you make a good show and it gets tons of downloads on YouTube and does not get downloads from TWiT or have ads sold that is not your failing. That is management’s fault.

Leo also claims all the income from the website ads, the merchandise etc, that all goes in Leos column. Conversely, they meticulously attribute every cost to the shows. Why do they not do likewise with revenue.

All the shows that will live forever and earn money on YouTube, guess who gets that? YouTube revenue is miniscule, but they will end up with thousands and thousands of shows, a nice annuity to subsidize future soup purchases without giving a dime to the hosts. Nice scam soup, I think the cast of Giligan’s Island got a more talent friendly deal in 1964.

The network effect is a great thing and something Diamond Club needs to learn fast. There is a lot of benefit to everyone gained by teaming up. Hopefully <> will not suffer the same fate as one bone-idle-glutton.

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  1. Well not only do they cut salaries and bloat out the P&L to fudge the figures for the tax reports they claim costs that are not theirs to claim, they claim personal expenses as business expenses and they bully their presenters and blame them for the mismanagement of the business.

    Maybe Lisa CuntSell should follow from the example Harry S Truman!


    and accept the blame for her incompetence.

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  2. The problem with twit is its arrogance, and since the sickos in the chat room booted me out while watching padres corner, I stay away from twit. GONE. Padre’s corner was a disaster after it went out of beta. It was horrible to watch. Padre stated padres corner was for the chat room, but after kicking people out of chat and then doing a very stupid commercial, I was reminded of how cold and money oriented not only twit but also the catholic church and its operators really are.

    The catholick church hating gays and our relationship came through very clear on twit through padre’s program. There is just no room for gays in the church or on twit. We are not going to listen to the bullshit coming to us from the 2 priests on twit, and the chat mods trying to get points to get into heaven by ragging on gays and other innocents that happen to stop by.

    We just do not want to hang with those who lie. Yes, we can not trust twit or the catholick church. The branding of ‘net-casts from people you trust’ has vanished.

    It is not personal, just you are judged by the company you keep, and we can no longer trust twit, so we find someplace else to go, were we will be invited in and welcomed.

    The commercials on twit used to be good, high tech, and when the commercial came on, it was useful information, but now it is a complete waste of time, it went to the dogs from being intellectually stimulating to brain dead monotony.

    SO, TWIT is happy we are gone. They are fortunate they can pick and chose their audience. BYE………..

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    1. I haven’t seen Padre’s Corner, but I suspect it’s first show was as bad as GameOn!, the TWiT 2012 gaming show starring Brian Brushwood and Veronica Belmont.

      The show was a disaster, and everyone knew it.

      EXCEPT the people at TWiT.

      The hosts were just bad and had almost no credibility (only Belmont had ever covered games in a professional way before [Sony’s QORE video series on PSN]) and they absolutely refused to change the broken formula presnet in episode 1.

      Most people never returned for episode #2 or later.

      A few months later I stumbled across news that GameOn! had been cancelled, and I wasn’t shocked one bit.

      TWiT is a vacuum and doesn’t adapt to the likes/dislikes of viewers/listeners. As many others have said, Leo is actually making it behave like an old media company, where someone says, “THIS IS HOW THINGS ARE DONE, PERIOD!!!” and viewers/fans be damned.

      It never, ever works out well.

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    2. Tonight’s Padre’s Corner was a complete fail.

      Most of it was just Chad and and Father Doughboy yammering over and interrupting David Hewlett.

      On top of that David’s internet connection was so horrible but neither of these dopes that the balls to pause the podcast and tell him that so a large chunk of the podcast will just have unusable video and broken audio.

      Do you know how many views the last Padre’s Corner interview with David Hewlett got on YouTube?

      206 Views in 3 months

      Do you know how many views the interview with Becky Worley got on YouTube?

      193 views in 2 weeks.

      Do you know how many views the Daily Tech News Show with Tom Merritt interview of Allison Sheridan [WHO?] got in 1 day?

      1600 views in 1 day.

      NO ONE is watching TWiT.

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        1. You know how many views Marketing Mavericks got in 5 days?

          32 views, 0 votes and 0 comments.

          Glad you brought that up because in comparison, OMGCraft got 5,637 views and 100+ comments in the same span of time.

          Yet Fatman and The Golddigger decided to kill that show off.

          and here is the final kicker. The OMGCraft channel has more subscribers on YouTube than all of TWiT.

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          1. Of course successful shows got canceled.

            Leo’s scared shitless of competition. Remember Erik? A kid out of college with no experience tore his asshole into pieces.

            Anything that raises above mediocrity is unfit for TWiT.

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  3. Most of this is a rehash of what I’ve already posted and should not be viewed as me trying to make excuses for Lisa’s own greed and culpability in all of this but I have to say that the buck stops with Leo Lapigg and Leo Lapigg alone.

    He created an extremely toxic and hostile working environment devoid of any ethics or diversity. He is also a sexual predator, a misogynist, a degenerate and a highly unethical business person who is abusive and makes sexual advances towards his employees and contractors like Sarah Lane, Heather Hamann and Kim Schaffer and on and off air.

    The moment Leo Lapigg showed a private explicit chat with his employee Lisa Kentzell, she was ruined. She could not go off in the sunset and pick up her career again making the same level of money.

    Anyone doing a background check would immediately see her past and either wouldn’t hire her or give her a low ball offer and in addition its hard for a single 40-something woman to continue a viable career so her choice was either drain TWiT of whatever value is left while supporting herself and her son OR quit in disgrace, get blacklisted and never hold a high paying job.

    Had Leo Lapigg kept his hands to himself, she would have either been fired 2 years ago or worked her hardest to keep her job by making decisions in the interest of the company not herself.

    Right now there is ZERO incentive for her to built a functional company because she can’t be fired or replaced given their interoffice relationship.

    Thanks this toxic environment Leo created, TWiT employees don’t look at her as being a boss or a respectable authority figure, they look at her as a home wrecker and an office slut at most and have no incentive to do a better job.

    The fact that she prances around wearing tight tee shirts and heels doesnt help her image but why does she care, SHE CAN’T BE FIRED

    You can read my original post about Leo Laporke and Lisa here:

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  4. I recently worked at a place where the small business owner (less than 15 people EVER employed by the company in the last 7 years) was obsessed with “billable hours” and brought up repeatedly how “much he spent on our salaries” as if we should all be grateful for his charity or something (it’s our PAY, ASSHAT).

    Anyways, my point is that near the end him and I got to talking about how unrealistic it was for the web dept. to really be successful in his IT company. His expectations for revenue were far too high, and we had no one with sales experience bringing in new work. That said, I personally could support my salary and get some extra, and probably brought in at least ~$30,000 on top of my salary and benefits in company revenue.

    At that time I discovered that apparently the owner still saw the department as a money loser. Why? Because even though the HR/accounts lady MAYBE did 4 days a month MAX of just web invoices and work, the web dept. was responsible for paying for $7,000 monthly for the 1/3 of the HR lady’s salary, 1/3 of the Receptionist’s salary (who wasn’t even at our office location EVER!!! [we had two locations]) and 100% of the client/quote/account fresh college grad’s salary (who didn’t even know how basic HTML worked, yet quoted 300+ hr. programming projects to customers and maintained nearly all communication).

    Not only that, but even though the web dept. consisted of mostly just me and one other person for most of those 9 months, in a small< 100 sq. ft. room, our department was responsible for 1/3 of the insurance, 1/3 of the rent, 1/3 of the utilities, etc.

    I suspect Leo operates TWiT in exactly the same way.

    Only the key shows that he personally likes (TWiT, WW, MBW, HamNation, TWiG) gets special treatment.

    Everyone else, and every other show, gets made to feel bad on a constant basis, because "they are not pulling their weight."

    This is how a crazed small business owner acts.

    If Leo really hates all these extra shows and hosts so much, he needs to just close 'em all down, except for his 4 or 5 favorite ones.

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    1. Soup is looking for a way that he can create an exit strategy where he dumps all the other shows, most of the staff, probably keep needles and Chad, his little lap dogs, and operate out of his home doing just pre-recorded shows. instead of a live stream and maintain all the advertising revenue and look to his cult members to bring ‘donate’ to support him lifestyle.

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  5. Why is Sarah Lane avoiding Kevin Rose?

    Kevin Rose will be shooting an episode of Foundation at the crackhouse next thursday, but the former lovers won’t be seen in the same room together.

    The revelation comes from Leo Laporte — Lane’s employer and alleged ‘friend’ — that in his quest to turn TWiT live into a reality show couldn’t contain himself.

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