Tired of hearing him talk about his millions invested

What are you smiling about fatboy?

I am so tired of hearing him talk about all the millions of dollars from his personal funds that he has invested. The company is profitable, the company has been profitable for years. The amount he has put in has already been paid back. His half truths are so fucking misleading. He has disclosed how much money he makes from podcasting and how much he makes from the shitty radio show for octogenarians. (No offense gramps.)  We know what he makes. Putting a portion of profits into your company is something every business owner does. “All his shows make money and all the other hosts’ shows lose money.” Can we see the spreadsheet your girlfriend put together that backs that nonsense up? Does he understand the halo effect?


3 thoughts on “Tired of hearing him talk about his millions invested”

  1. What I think is ridiculous is when Sarah Lane or Chad Johnson mention that they can’t afford new iPads or smart watches. They are in tech and Leo obviously doesn’t pay them enough to get the things they really want. Meanwhile, Leo is shittin’ around his gigantic house with his fancy toilet. I’m not hatin’ on rich people–just rich people who know no decency.

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    1. Even rich people need decorum. Spending 3K on that remote controlled wheely think that holds an ipad, I mean, Sarah could go to NY and do a meetup with the fans or something with that money, just thinking out loud.

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