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Steve Jobs Only Stole a Couple Thousand From Woz

It is a shame how the greedy often rip off the innocent. Lost amongst the Soup Maestro’s blathering  about how his shows subsidize all the other shows is one small detail. He has co-stars on his shows. In some cases those co-hosts are the shows. Is there anyone who thinks Laporte’s contribution of eating lunch is equivalent to Steve Gibson’s contribution of  delivering complex sermons on the intricacies of the internet? Which Gibson, in all likelihood, spends hours and hours preparing for.

Gee, I wonder what the profit split is, fifty fifty seems likely. Well not really. They both need offices, they both need microphones, editing can’t be more than 20 minutes work, a few C notes for hosting etc. Hmm, I guess they have a spreadsheet for those expenses. That show is a massive success  and grew 28% just this past year, surely Steve got a 28% raise as well. If Leo is able to subsidize all the other shows with his share of his four shows, Gibson must be living on easy street.   Looks like being smart isn’t as lucrative a trait as being conniving.


“Trust no one” may in fact have its own double entendre, ay Steve?

Petaluma Market refuses to install Apple Pay machines

Lisa Kentzell is reportedly distraught that the Petaluma Market is refusing to install Apple Pay machines at checkout. “How am I supposed to get my pervy boyfriend his soup if I can’t use my shiny gold iPhone to pay for it?” said the visibly disturbed homewrecker.

Lisa Kentzell is demanding that Leo's soup be paid only with Apple Pay.
Lisa Kentzell is demanding that Leo’s soup be purchased only with Apple Pay.

Interns have been dispatched to scour a 50-mile radius from 140 Keller St., to see where they can most efficiently supply the TWiT founder with his precious liquid lunches. #TotalDrama will stay on top of this story for further developments.