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Best of the Worst

Although it was an impossible task for Jason Howell to make a Best of TNT for 2014, #TotalDrama has a whole host of treats for our audience for the holidays. I am not just talking about the suspenseful (for #2) top hotties in tech. Here is our first video:

Top 8 Lies of 2014


*Reminder* Polls for hottest hotties in tech – 2014 were extended due to popular demand for a few more days

Captain Juno Issues Four Word Statement

For those who saw it live, it was a site to behold for all eternity. Yesterday’s Giz Wiz featuring #SoupGuzzler was a masterstroke. Kevin Spacey is a good friend, Elgan is a hit, dissing Sarah, Father Robert, employees are slaves, #CEHo math and on and on, the gems spewed from his mouth like manna from heaven. It was as if the bone-idle-glutton did a personal show for #TotalDrama. Immediately after the performance, I sent an email to Captain Juno to make sure he saw it. He returned a four word email before setting off on his mission.

“It was a cornucopia.”

Captain Juno sets off on his most important mission
Captain Juno sets off on his most important mission

Never a Fear the Threat of Roberto Whilst you are a here

I admit, I was afraid when I saw the threat, but once again the Captain has released a new video and inspired me to fear not!


I counted zero spelling errors in this video so he seems to be doubling down. I say again, I still fear the man coming after us, he is wicked good with computers but I must be brave for the #cause.

Petaluma is not the picturesque paradise that Laporte purports

An eagle-eyed #TotalDrama fan sent us a tip today that has upended the view of the once-sedate Sonoma County enclave of Petaluma as a paradise on earth, as Leo often says.

The Petaluma360.com story, “Petaluma Pervert Spotted Peeping Into Windows,” has paralyzed some residents to such an extent that they have taken to the forums to express their anger and fear. A few are offering suggestions on how to deal with the problem.

Let’s hope they figure this out soon (and that Lisa has bail money for Leo).

Is Leo Laporte behind these crimes?
Is Leo Laporte behind these crimes?