Spy pic of Leo Laporte reveals possible tumor in belly

Leo Laporte is fatter than ever following a three-week European vacation.
Leo Laporte is fatter than ever following a three-week European vacation.

Leo Laporte—fresh off a three-week European vacation where he floated and Segwayed his way across the Continent—is fatter than ever.

In a recently-obtained spy photo, Leo appears to either be on the verge of death because of a belly that refuses to shrink, or is possibly even suffering from a rare stomach tumor that only affects obese men who marry whores.

Our prayers are with the Laporte family during this difficult time. Father Robert Ballecer would also be praying for them, but he’s too busy flying quadcopters over kindergarten playgrounds.

27 thoughts on “Spy pic of Leo Laporte reveals possible tumor in belly”

    1. If you ever tire of apologizing for Apple, get that blotchy ass skin looked at. It’s super distracting on the rare occasion when you bother shaving.

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    1. Thanks for your trolling, come again! 🙂

      You do understand what trolling is and how it works, right?

      Well let me explain it. When you go “fishing” you “troll” allong the water with your bait and what for a “bite”. Once you get the “fish” on the “hook” you reel it in on the “line” making the “fish” fight back.

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    2. That article describes Leo Laporte perfectly


      The only difference between an online troll and Leo is that he “trolls” women in person while holding a pay cheque over their heads.

      but women arent his only target he also said NIGRAS right to the face of a black man then laughed about it


      He’s also made disgusting remarks about gays…

      San Francisco has fluoride and you see whats happening there, rampant homosexuality. I’m just saying

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  1. Everybody is making a big deal out of this pic. Leo needs to piss and hes trying to find his zipper. I would think the lovely Mrs. Laporte does most of his zipper work.

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  2. I don’t like to be mean to an individual – it’s one thing critiquing his business – but he really could do with starting a proper weight loss programme (and I don’t mean those ridiculous snacks he advertises – that just encourages you to eat more) with some real execercise. He’s got to that age in his life where heart attacks, strokes etc are far from uncommon with his comobility factor.

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    1. anyone remember twit fit lol back in cottage days he would work out on air with some guy was the stupidest thing on the planet even then. i must say that pic from this article is telling. i watched twit live briefly over the weekend and i though my lord there right he is getting fatter. must be that vacation

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  3. yeah it’s called clinically depressed. The weight gain, not caring what goes on, he’s not living the good life he’s enduring whats left.

    Note: Mere speculation as with most posts here.

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  4. Lol @ Jimmie Jam

    Good one, was my thought as well, I’m pretty sure the day is very near where his health & mental state will fail him,something tells me his new wife will be laying dual tracks with her new Audi away from Pedaluma as fast as she can drive

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