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I'm an old has been who sits on his ass and lies to callers. But it's a job, someone has to do it. Oh sorry. That's our hero, Leo, not me. Mostly

Watch DTNS, Monday October 20 for the old days

LoveIf anyone wonders why we go on about how bad TNT has become, blaming it all on Mike Elgum, aka Mike Elgan, aka Mike ‘Dumbot’ Elgan, watch DTNS with Tom Merritt and see how it’s done.

14 - 1
This week Tom was Live From New York with wonderful guests such as Iyaz Akhtar and Mary Jo Foley.  Watch and learn Mike.

Tune in Monday, October 20 for more Tom and Iyaz,

Only on DTNS.

No hate, only love.

Leo makes some jokes

Leo is a funny man, really. But you have to appreciate sexual innuendo and penis jokes.  All part of the family friendly network TWiT™ is—or at least purports to be.

Here Leo embarrasses Gina, then during the following :Inside TWiT” invites fans to a meetup in a bar.  The comedy ensues as they realize that they have underage fans who shouldn’t really be drinking with an old man.

“If there’s a 21-and-over area, I won’t be there,” Leo trumpets.

Then the TWiT directorship decides in real-time to treat all of their fans to Pepsi™. Native advertising?

What happened Leo?

At first I was letting the video clip stand alone. But after watching it and the the entire original show I got mad.

What happened to the TWiT that promised us interesting interviews with internet luminaries like Brewster Kahle? Someone who believes in internet freedom, in sharing all of human knowledge?

Gone? Kaput? Where? Are we all idiots? We can see Leo promising to share everything, to upload everything. And what do we have?


And takedowns. Content removed.

Leo lies about cacheflyLies. Cachefly storage? really Leo? Youtube out of space?

Are we trolls? Or are we being trolled. Being lied to and asked to smile?  Not anymore.

TWiT™ and Diversity

We at TotalDrama wear a lot of hats.  Sometimes deep investigative reporting, sometimes pure speculation. Sometimes just having a bit of fun at someone’s expense. We even have a group learning how to edit videos.

Today I present my ode to diversity at TWiT.  Leo wants to be diverse, really. It’s just those darn diverse people seem to have real jobs.  Or aren’t that diverse.

leo + settern


While we all wait for a more extended video to drop it may be time to sit back, think, and throw shit against walls.  See if anything sticks.

I watched Night Attack on Tuesday night. I am a Patreon supporter, 94¢ as memory serves.  I don’t always watch but I do support them. They are trying to push boundaries and enable us to let go of some bindings that wind us up.

They talk in this video of what they wanted to achieve at TWiT™, were suppressed and perhaps banned.  Maybe.

And we see what sort of idiot has appeared to replace Tom Merritt.  We have Jason Howell, wonder TD and editor, and Mike Elgan (Gum, GumBot, mykyGum, ElGum) idiot at large. Clickbait artist.  Someone who has no purpose in life other than to get you to click on one of his headlines.  “Apple screwed the pooch at WWDC…”

Brian and Justin wanted to build something, look at what it has become.

Breaking News, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young Banned at TWiT

Further update:

Night Attack #31 has been posted, the pre and after show released to Patreon supporters.  We won’t release those links here, if you want them go out and give Brian and Justin a few pennies.  They deserve it.


It is October 2, 2014 and we await the release of the NIght Attack show and aftershow videos.   Only then will our forensic investigators be able to pull all the audio and video needed to make sense of what happened.

Breaking ……

Below are quotes as I heard them during the infamous Night Attack of September 30 and subsequent aftershow.  There may be slight errors, but as I was participating in ‘Ali Spags Power Hour’ of drinking YMMV.

“One understands creative individuals, one is threatened by them”

“Somebody said, how about we not…”

Brian and Justin thank Leo Laporte (soup) and TWiT.  Really, they do.
#drama is also mentioned.

“Our crime wasn’t leaving, It was leaving with ads ….”

“To be told, Fuck you, you left  while you had ads”

“True facts by Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young”

“…. we were building a CNN .. obviously not true”

“We wanted to be a part of Leo was building, …. but 5 degrees off”

“There was no fucking coming back …”

“I am telling you the truth …. I understand the desire to demonize TWiT… please don’t do that”

“Do not make trouble for them”

Great guys.

We love you too, Brian and Justin.

Rock on.

Leo Laporte had previously been interviewed and shared these views on competitors.


” I hope that shit isn’t true…”

“…we’re hurt, not vindictive, …… I want to tell the fucking truth…”

“Has your career ever regretted telling the truth?”

“If you’re iphone or android doesn’t have the power hour app now then you’re wanted …”

 Power hour app

“James Thurgood, youth minister, throwing some V’s”

Chomp chomp, or Why TWiT needs your money for new equipment

A partial day in Food with our dynamic duo, Leo & Lisa.

Our lovely couple have arrived in London, fresh off their Upper Class flight on Virgin , and have checked into their humble hotel, Claridges.

But they are famished, hungry, cannot go another inch with chowing down.


A little nap, a little trip to see Big Ben and then more food.



Now we can’t be sure if they shared or each had the same, but a brief look at Claridges menu finds that these delectable items add up to more than most would think.




So a minimum of £101.00 + gratuity (I suggest 20%, hotel staff are probably not as well paid as TWiT management). Hopefully Leo sprang for the champagne with tea.

This is really a drop in the bucket on expenses for this 5 day ‘vacay’. Flights are on the order of 7k each person, Claridges rack rate for a suite is 2k and up. Wow, guess those TWiT staff are lucky they still have a job.  They do have a job don’t they? No more shows cancelled?

Leo is lucky that a fan is lending him a mifi for this trip.  Every $ saved is another potential snack.

Maybe the future of TWiT will be free staff, paid by donations to some religious order. Skill is worth nothing, cost is all important.