4 thoughts on “How to be constructive in #twitlive”

  1. Looks like ScooterX should have kicked himself from the IRC!

    As for #FatboyFat #Soup, maybe if he actually read the whole of the manual instead of just watched an advertising video things might work. He is an ignoramus and a buffoon who does not fact check what he says and then wonders why others stare on in disbelief because they know that he doesn’t know what he is talking about!

    I’m glad I was working away and didn’t have time to focus on this Man’s (I use that word loosely) antics and idiotic stupidity.

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  2. I dont have the same experience in the irc as many of you, hanging out in chats really hasn’t been my thing but, I must say, the sniveling of this mod just seems so sad to me. It really makes me pity him more than anything else.

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