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I'm an old has been who sits on his ass and lies to callers. But it's a job, someone has to do it. Oh sorry. That's our hero, Leo, not me. Mostly

As The TWiT Churns #1

In today’s Inside Twit there was a minor dust up between owner, chief Poobah, and good friend of Kevin Spacey, Leo Laporte (briefly known as Ebola Pork on Twitter) and CEHO CEO Lisa Kentzell.

Seems M. Laporte knows nothing about how advertising works. Or who runs bartertown.

Herewith is a clip, unedited, save for trimming off the front and back and adding a sexy bumper.

There were many other choice bits, hopefully to go into a more creative video than this.

In late breaking news we are presenting the entire Inside TWiT. There may be bits of it that are interesting to some.

Only a little Nudge

This morning Leo graced all twitlive fans, or as he called them, his ‘circle’ with a personal appearance in IRC. Following are a few snippets. Hopefully more fun will ensue.

On why Chad was fired:chad5Translation:  I fired him. Maybe he’ll land on his feet

On how much we will see Chad in the future. Lots according to Leo.
chad1Translation: You’ll see Chad until he finds a real job and moves. 

On why didn’t you keep him until he was on his feet.
chad4Translation: He was a security risk. So we wanted him out of the studio.

On why are all the young talent being fired or put on hiatus or whatever reason is being given.
chad3Translation: Young people have friends and are leakers. We can’t trust them.

On TWiT’s pivot to an older audience.
chad2Translation: Old people we rescue from retirement homes are cheap, they have a second income. And they can’t get a job anywhere else.

Desperately seeking new employees
Desperately seeking new employees
Feel free to add your own dialogue.  What he said, what he meant.

We Didn’t Start the Fire

Screenshot 2014-10-28 19.33.38

We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
But when we are gone
It will still burn on and on and on and on
And on and on and on and on…

It has been a big night, Night Attack and OMGCraft fighting for live viewership. Head to head. And that terrible show by some priest.

And because of that all I could see on OMGChad channel was his lips moving. No sound.  I may be brilliant but my lip reading skills are deficient.  So we await the revelations. [edit] turns out I had twitch muted, dumbo me.

Night Attack is in progress.  So far all we have is: Brian upset, and his vasectomy is coming up soon. And Brian feels something is his fault.

I’m confused, but that is normal.

Some quotes from the show. More paraphrases.

OMGChad called into Night Attack, and talked. Let it all out.

Chad was called into a meeting and fired, terminated. Told he was no longer an employee at TWiT.

He described it as “a friendly breakup” because he gets to host the GizzzzWIzzzzzz. And appear on BeforeYouBuy, maybe.

Anthony Carboni added some information about potential thefts from some theatre, unrelated to the Chad Story.

Brian Brushwood spoke from the heart, giving advice about quality vs podtrac download numbers. How Patreon was a means to get there.

Brian decide to not tell the truth.

Brian asked us to look into the face of compromise?

Screenshot 2014-10-28 20.48.13

Justin Robert Young kept playing a song, I think it was some sort of code.

But it’s time to “Let It Go!”

“They asked me to fire Tom Merritt”

What does that mean?

This is a cliff hanger. Tune in next week for As The TWiT Burns?  Got me, really.

Screenshot 2014-10-28 20.56.21

Not what he meant? A true mystery wrapped in an enigma. Stay tuned.

Screenshot 2014-10-28 21.00.26

Why do podcasts start on time?

On John Gruber’s Talk Show, Ep.98 John Siracusa was asked why ATP (Accidental Tech Podcast) starts on time.

His answer was revelatory, a breakthrough in podcast scheduling.

And why do all TWiT podcasts with Leo Laporte never start on time? No respect?  No standards? You tell me.

It seems that the only listeners will continue to be retired or infirm or pre-schoolers.  The only ones with massive amounts of time to waste.

New TWiT Coming in 2015?

TotalDrama field reporters spotted this photo on this weeks The Tech Guy. It appears to outline a plan to ‘Save TWiT’. We are hoping for such a comeback from the depths to which the moribund network has sunk.

Here’s the plan


For those having trouble reading it I have attempted to convert the photo to text.

1. cut a hole in a box
2. put your junk in that box
3. make her open the box
4. And that’s the way you do it

I may have made a few errors during conversion.

Wow, amazing. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

It’s All In Fun, Isn’t It?

Ok, I’m tired. I can’t really edit videos or write coherent prose. So I will just post the video and await comments.

I know, he’s joking. It’s all in jest. But really, drones loaded with ANFO?  Remote detonated with bluetooth?

Honestly I never knew what ANFO was, now I do. Thank you, PadreSJ, Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ.  I have learnt a new thing.

Maybe a preview for the next TWiT show? Has it been greenlit?

Never call someone’s girlfriend ‘Yoko’

Many years ago when I was a lowly programmer working out of a cubicle my boss imparted to me some accumulated wisdom.

“Never say someone is a fucking idiot in writing, they never forget”

It seems like the current equivalent is calling Leo Laporte’s main squeeze Yoko.  That was their sin.  A minor slip, but banning ensued.

Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young seem to want to move on, to let hasty words be forgotten. But the sting of ‘Yoko’ lingers.

The stench of  it, the sound of it, echoing through the tubes of internetdom.  Leo can’t forget and he won’t forgive.

Before the recent TWiT meetup in Austin,  Brian made some entreaties and was rebuffed.  Apologies not accepted.  No face-to-face was to be.

Screenshot 2014-10-24 19.50.32

So maybe more begging? Or realize that a man will be judged by his actions and Brian and Justin are better off standing up and accepting whatever was said as truth.

This work is copyrighted by the Sad Society of Happy People. Or maybe that was the Happy Society of Slackers.

It’s not.

Why Shannon Morse is no longer hosting Coding101?

unnamedWe have no idea. And it seems PadreSJ, larger sized cohost, doesn’t either.

We watched a hangout with the beloved Padre and tried to put it all together.  There is a surprise appearance by TWiT MANAGEMENT.

Keep alert, maybe a sharp-eyed reader can help us out.