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Gold-digging whore keeps reaching for the stars

She's like a money-grubbing monkey with those long arms.
She’s like a money-grubbing monkey with those long arms.

Lisa Kentzell, never one to disappoint the members of her Gold-diggers of the World Association, was spotted recently literally reaching for the cash. It’s like a spy camera was installed at the bottom of the cookie jar and she was caught red-handed. Congratulations, Lisa! You make money-grubbing whores all over the globe proud.

Leo makes some jokes

Leo is a funny man, really. But you have to appreciate sexual innuendo and penis jokes.  All part of the family friendly network TWiT™ is—or at least purports to be.

Here Leo embarrasses Gina, then during the following :Inside TWiT” invites fans to a meetup in a bar.  The comedy ensues as they realize that they have underage fans who shouldn’t really be drinking with an old man.

“If there’s a 21-and-over area, I won’t be there,” Leo trumpets.

Then the TWiT directorship decides in real-time to treat all of their fans to Pepsi™. Native advertising?