What happened Leo?

At first I was letting the video clip stand alone. But after watching it and the the entire original show I got mad.

What happened to the TWiT that promised us interesting interviews with internet luminaries like Brewster Kahle? Someone who believes in internet freedom, in sharing all of human knowledge?

Gone? Kaput? Where? Are we all idiots? We can see Leo promising to share everything, to upload everything. And what do we have?


And takedowns. Content removed.

Leo lies about cacheflyLies. Cachefly storage? really Leo? Youtube out of space?

Are we trolls? Or are we being trolled. Being lied to and asked to smile?  Not anymore.

30 thoughts on “What happened Leo?”

  1. To think, I used to believe that Leo believed in a free and open internet, but now I see that he only wants it free and open to the extent that it affects HIM. He goes and publishes all of his content under a Creative Commons license, but now that he started a war with Brian and JuRY, and Brian and JuRY let the truth be known, he and Yoko order their staff to erase all traces of their shows from the internet in petty, spiteful rage. What a natural liar; he doesn’t even think twice to openly lie about the situation and blame it on CacheFly AFTER TotalDrama already exposed the emails between Patrick and Lisa and AFTER we already saw that the episodes were deleted from YouTube, which has NOTHING to do with CacheFly.

    Ol’ Leo is becoming an even worse liar in his old age; he’s coming up with lies on-the-fly with gaping holes in the story because the awesome writers here at Total Drama have already uncovered the evidence that contradicts the ol’ liar.

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  2. Boy, he is being seen more and more as the liar he really is.

    I always was a little dubious, he would claim that he had signed a petition at Whitehouse.org and things like that. Trouble is, it shows the initials of the person signing and their City. He never did sign them but implored others to sign petitions.

    He is one of those that expects everything to be done by everyone else. He will implore people to sign petitions he will ask them to use his codes and sign up for products. He will ask them to purchase crap including god awful bubbleheads featuring a cartoonish semblance to him (though I suppose that is doing a favor for everyone).

    Maybe we should all start tweeting cachefly imploring them to make copies available to archive.org or similar sites for posterity using a backup of the data using the reason that they don’t have space for them on their servers.

    It may be time for Cachefly to find out how much of an arsehole they are in bed with at TWiT. Someone that will sell them down the river and blame them for his evil deeds!

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  3. Actually, we should all start tweeting Cachefly asking why they can’t handle large volumes of storage as Leo claims. His lying gives the false impression they can’t handle the load – not a ringing endorsement of their services and reflects poorly on their reputation…I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate being thrown under the bus.

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  4. What happen to leo. Leo has never been a geek. Leo, was a guy who needed a job and knew some stuff about computers. He got lucky to get a radio job with something in tech and can talk his way around anything. He lies more then most kids. He is wrong 90% of the time about most things. I never listen to him about anything he reviews because it is always great when he gets it. Then 4two weeks later you hear about all the problems that he did not put in his reviews.

    If you remember when the website first started comments were on the site. Later that feature was removed. I think I am the reason they were removed. Berk also tried to ban me for asking that they tweet out if a show was going to be late. He said I was make orders or something. I pretty much told him i did not care if he banned me.

    Some weeks later comments were gone. Maybe it was because i called him a jerk.

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        1. I sent an email to Casper that Leo told someone that he could sleep in the guest bedroom, that’s where the Casper mattress is. That’s true by the way. I also contacted Bark Box about Leo complaining about his dog having his teeth pulled, probably not something you should say when an advertiser is dog treats.

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          1. I was thinking of doing the same..
            Maybe compiling a list of TWiT sponsors with contact information(email) of the sponsors’ PR or customer service dept.

            Then whomever wants, can contact each sponsors with some complaint about TWiT.

            Whats the email for Casper and Bark Box? please

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    1. Good point. TWiT is an archetype of “What happens when a charismatic leader stops being charismatic?”

      The thing is that the people who only watch the podcasts and never watch live don’t really get to see the real Leo. They just see the facade he puts up in his podcasts.

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      1. I agree if someone would take the time to post twit sponsor contact information I certainly would email each and every one of them about Leo’s foul language, perverted comments, and generally his unethical demeanor. Let’s get this list posted and let the sponsors really know what we think of this creep.

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    2. Well said. Leo demands people with experience but people don’t know that he dropped out of Yale and only went to smoke weed. He certainly won’t give people a chance and he certainly won’t give people the ability to voice themselves in a proper manner. I mean if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      Leo believes that a totalitarian-controlled IRC is the wave of the future but it’s not. You only have two options; praise Leo blindly or get banned for negative comments. You can send him an email but there’s zero chance he will read it due to the fact that you could take a screencapture and post it on Google+.

      Rest assured that other podcast networks know that comments are the wave of the future; advertisers should stick behind the quality of the product rather than some negative comments and if the truth comes out then the truth comes out; you can’t stop the truth.

      As for TWiT; our numbers are growing and it’s only a matter of time before we march down to the Shithouse and protest right outside his door. He can’t do much to stop us, 1st ammendment remember. Unless he’s taken control of the Petaluma government and changed it in order to fit his shovanistic lifestyle.

      TWiT will go down, believe us. It will happen sooner than later.

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      1. Ok, I must admit that I am glad that I found this site and I do really enjoy the comments. I do not know Leo or any of this staff personally, nor have I met them so please understand I have not horse in this race. With that said, I had to comment with this latest thought to take Twit down.

        I have to ask, why in the world would you want it to fail and cause the unemployment of a bunch of good people? If you really hate them that much, then why spend all of this energy trying to figure out ways to destroy them, instead of simply not tuning in anymore and going on to do something else.

        Let’s say that you have an ax to grind and perhaps you are a former employee – even if this were your circumstances, I do not understand how anyone could be so engrossed as to follow every single move, every single nuance to point out his and their flaws. This is a very unnatural obsession.

        Calling up all of his sponsors to complain – seriously? If I hated anything that much, I would simply walk away from it. Then you mentioned his lack of credentials. Again, never met the guy and do not care to, but this is his business. He started it, so he gets to make the rules.

        Look, at the end of the day I may view 1 or two shows on Twit, so I am not their biggest fan. I really liked wrapping up my day with the social hour on in the background, but that is now gone.

        If so many of you have so much energy and time, why don’t you go out and develop your own shows? You obviously have a sincere idea of what you think is the best way to do this, so why not just do it?

        I still like your content and intend to keep reading, but I had to say something.

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  5. That’s hilarious now Casper ads are appearing on the left, immediately after posting my previous comment. Search for mattresses, good luck finding Casper.

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    1. I tweeted Harry’s and complained about the gimmicky like a Priest shaving his forehead! Told them they have now lost my business. I need to find out what the NA code is for Dollar Shave Club just so that I can make sure that they get something since I will switch to reinforce my protest (apart from the false advertising from Laporte — He cut himself onscreen one day and tried to cover it up by going bathroom to reapply his makeup but there was big reddish mark on his face where the cut was ).

      Advised Barkbox that one of TWiT’s “Favored” Hosts implies on air that the BarkBox treats made their Dog ill. Strangely enough they tried to offer me bark box? LOL

      I need to sit through a few adverts for Naturebox that are on rival podcasts and see if they imply that the snacks are Healthier than those off the shelf or whether the snacks are an “All Natural” snack. If I see that it is #Soup and Co. making false claims for a product then I will write a letter complaining that they are receiving customers through misrepresentation of their products by TWiT.

      He cannot say we are trolling since we are merely highlighting these misrepresentations to the advertisers and questioning the advertising ethics. We are highlighting the false claims being made by Laporte to try and make sure that people use his Show Codes when purchasing.

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      1. Got an email back from Harry’s

        Katie R (Harry’s)

        Oct 14 20:00

        Hi Stewart,

        Thank you so much for reaching out and sending your feedback. This is really helpful as we think about our partnerships and how that relates to our brand.

        I’ve already sent your email over to our team so that they can take this into account. Again, we really appreciate you taking the time – these are completely understandable concerns!

        If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know.

        All the best,

        Office: 888 212.6855
        Like: Facebook / Follow: @harrys

        So at least one is listening to complaints about what they do. I should have included in the complaint though about The news director who threw their product on the floor and didn’t even apologize to the viewers for his actions. Accident or not it implies little or no respect for the product he is advertising.

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  6. Believe me, I’m not going to apologize for Leo. I agree about the loss in the quality of the show, in guests, in commentary. I realize Leo should have probably retired while Tom was ahead, since his heart is not into it any more.


    I wouldn’t go so far as to facilitate the downfall – alienating advertisers and so forth. Why take part in it?
    Let them burn on their own… It’ll be much more satisfying, and a lot more just to boot.

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    1. Then forever more they’ll be able to say that “trolls” took them down, instead of living with their own mistakes.

      On the other hand, they’ll probably say it anyway, so knock yourself out.

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    1. It is interesting that there is actually a grey area called “What most people would call punditry or criticism and what a small minority call Trolling” .

      In fact the majority of what is claimed to be Trolling by that small group is actually because they feel that if they are criticized then these people are Trolls.

      TWiT has several of these biased individuals that would rather use that double standard. They will troll companies or individuals but they are “Pundits”. These include;

      Leo Laporte,
      Mike Elgan,
      Jeff Jarvis,
      Gina Trapani (to a lesser extent)
      Robert Ballecer

      Yet each and every one of these have make negative comments concerning Trolling and hide behind themselves being “Pundits”.

      The trouble is, a Pundit is a person that is asked for an opinion and they give that opinion. These people have not been asked for their opinions.

      That the is biggest difference. A troll gives an unwanted opinion, a pundit gives a wanted opinion.

      On this site, people’s opinions are wanted and allowed to express them freely.

      On TWiT, people’s opinions are only wanted if they agree with TWiT or their hosts and that is why the opinions are made by Trolls.

      Sure we use alternative, but very accurate synonyms for this group of people and sometimes our opinions are blunt and may be taken as offensive but they are truthful and accurate all the same.

      That is why Leo Laporte cannot do anything about the opinions. If he took Total Drama to court and accused the site of Libelling him he would lose. Similarly so would Mike Elgan and Jeff Jarvis. We have simply taken the words that they say and show these words for what they are and in most cases these words are lies or slanderous statements made against companies or people and certainly have very little accuracy (right down to what has been said by Leo Laporte on “The Tech Guy” where a little old lady even phoned to tell him that everything that he had told her to do had caused more problems.

      I now put in my Twitter information that I am a TWiT Pundit. There are people that follow me and others like me because we openly question the comments that are made by these self important assholes on TWiT that think they are special. We highlight the statements on Twitter that are made about products and the accuracy of the statements made. The lies said to get people to sign up for products or services that are inaccurate or misleading.

      Some of us work for media companies far bigger than TWiT and others consult for the same companies. We are not jealous of TWiT as Leo Laporte has claimed, we are saddened that something that was once an entertaining place has now turned into a comedy of errors, lies and propaganda and operated like a 1930’s/40’s country run by a Nationalist Party.

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  7. What happened to Leo INDEED.

    #Soup has fairly accurately admitted his own ultimate weakness before. He didn’t realize how pervasive this fault was or how it bled over into more serious TWiT-related issues. It’s from where most of the #drama comes from… and he has created it himself for himself and everybody has suffered for it.


    “… But see, I have this paranoid imagination and it just runs wild. I don’t know if other people do this but, you know, given a little bit of information… I will build, I will conflate a giant story around it.”

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