While we all wait for a more extended video to drop it may be time to sit back, think, and throw shit against walls.  See if anything sticks.

I watched Night Attack on Tuesday night. I am a Patreon supporter, 94¢ as memory serves.  I don’t always watch but I do support them. They are trying to push boundaries and enable us to let go of some bindings that wind us up.

They talk in this video of what they wanted to achieve at TWiT™, were suppressed and perhaps banned.  Maybe.

And we see what sort of idiot has appeared to replace Tom Merritt.  We have Jason Howell, wonder TD and editor, and Mike Elgan (Gum, GumBot, mykyGum, ElGum) idiot at large. Clickbait artist.  Someone who has no purpose in life other than to get you to click on one of his headlines.  “Apple screwed the pooch at WWDC…”

Brian and Justin wanted to build something, look at what it has become.

14 thoughts on “Interlude”

  1. So is Biushwood really banned by Leo? That spiky haired guy seems to pop on TWiT on a regular basis (a couple months ago was the last time, IIRC) and frankly, he always seems very obnoxious. A perfect match for Leo, which is why I thought they were best buds. If that’s NOT the case, I’d love to know more!

    I think the reason why bigger talent like Patrick Norton, Martin Sargent, Dvorak and other podcast hosts avoided joining TWiT was that they saw the raw deal Tom Merrit got and how the only real winner at TWiT was Leo……and didn’t want a long-term commitment to a psuedo-studio/network-wannabee.

    Even now, Leo doesn’t really want any other host to get too big on his network. Not because he can’t afford them (Tom’s requested $200k to $300k salary bump was very fair), he just doesn’t want competition.

    I’ve seen this multiple times in small businesses – owners deliberately stop growing before they get to a point where they HAVE to let others get some of the glory and fame and wealth. Leo won’t do that, and deliberately makes his company dinky and rather unimpressive, despite millions rolling in annually.

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    1. stars now are leo lisa ozzie, Green Acres is the place to be, no one matters anymore, they closed it up tight, cashing in while they can, what any couple would do

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  2. I found your website whilst looking for Amber Macarthur on my iPad a few weeks ago. I am 79 years old this year and my wife and I have been watching Leo since his Screen Savers days. We too have supported Leo by buying products for our grandchildren that he and his hosts recommends. I have also bought a brick on behalf of the family and have given money to Leo’s tip jar a long time ago.

    Personally I would like to see Leo reduce the the number of commercials in his shows and treat his audience with respect like he did a few years ago. I find it embarrassing when he mimics foreign accents as I thought we had passed that racial labelling long ago. My daughter-in-law is of Russian Jewish origin and my granddaughter is living with her Indian boyfriend. Betty, who is my wife and I get upset when we find Leo fooling around and the way he has treated Amber, Tom and Iyaz. We have stopped watching a lot of his shows.

    I am not happy with what you are doing on this website, please stop it and walk away. There are lot more nicer educational webcasts on iTunes you can hear and watch.

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      1. Totalbasementdwellers, If you look at the comments by John C C can you not at least accept that he is disgusted by Leo’s antics, and this disgust is the bulk and the main point of his comments. I am not sure if you personally purchased a brick like he did, but this (even if you want to deny it) shows that there is something very rotten and upsetting for him in the state of TWiT.

        It appears to me that is offering a public service to all disenchanted viewers who have invested time, and in some cases money a chance to speak out. Do you honestly really believe they should be gagged?

        Lets face it, Leo & CEHo are no longer interested in the watches opinions, they are simply there to milk and ripoff their audience, staff, contributors and advertisers. is there to help TWiT get back on the straight and narrow. Your constructive comments are welcomed here, we are not a Stalinist State unlike other websites we could easily mention, but please leave the hatred and your narrow minded thoughts behind – its just becoming embarrassing.

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  3. how is this site going to help TWiT get back on the ‘straight and narrow’ if they dont care what anyone else thinks?

    a place to vent for sure, but i doubt leo/lisa are taking notes for how to improve based on anything written here.

    i dont know how we can help fix it.

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    1. Well you know what they say, “Can’t Fix Stupid” and there is no teaching Lisa. I’m not saying she is stupid, I would say that she doesn’t really know what she is doing, she is in way over her head and doesn’t realize that a business model needs to be dynamic you cannot settle on a business model that worked 12 months, 24, or 36 months ago perfectly well. That model may not be suitable today and in fact what is also harming TWiT is that the small market that the channel advertises to has reached sales saturation. There is only so many people that want Atlassian and other niche products.

      If you look at the Friars FreakOut or whatever it is called on Tuesdays night it doesn’t have advertising because the advertisers that want to advertise at that premium price are setting all their hopes on the shows that are not purely niche shows and Friars FreakOut is totally a show that is basically all about the Friar and his opinions with a smattering of guest. What next, holy communion.

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