TWiT Trying to Erase History

Following our disclosure of his stream of rage triggered profanities, it would appear that Leo Laporte has ordered a full scale history rewrite. Shows featuring Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young are being deleted from every location on the internet under control of TWiT.

This morning, visitors to page were greeted with a big “access denied” warning, and every attempt to look at the archive of the show on that site failed.

Denied by TWiT

Further investigation showed that the NSFW show was not the only victim of this purge. Frame Rate, Current Geek Weekly, Tech History are also gone from the web site. The attempt to erase these people from the internet did not stop there. TWiT staffers were ordered to delete all Youtube uploads of this content as well.

Efforts are under way to restore archives of these shows. Mr. Laporte is probably regretting his decision to release TWiT network content under a Creative Commons license as that makes it impossible for him to take a legal action and prevent the restoration of the show’s archives.

18 thoughts on “TWiT Trying to Erase History”

  1. LOL. He’s acting like an 8 yr old. His thought seems to be if i can’t do and say whatever I want to, without suffering consequences, then I’ll just take my content and go home. FUCK OFF LEO LAPORTE !!! YOU ARE A DECREPIT FUCKING DOUCHEBAG!

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  2. Wow, I am stunned that they are doing such a thing. That’s really proof positive that TWiT is totally off the rails. It is an abuse to the advertisers that paid good money to them for advertising.

    I’ve never seen such a childish thing. He whined about the european “Right to be Forgotten” crap and said it was just wrong yet it is okay for him to remove from TWiT all traces of NSFW just because he had a falling out with him.

    I wonder if the old TNT’s are still there or have they been erased from history as well.

    This comes after that sham of an inside TWiT that was scripted. They just happened to have for that first question the correct props and person ready to come with an answer and no only that had a mic there in his hand ready to give the answer.

    There was no public interaction on that “Show” because the 3 callers were carefully selected and possibly “called by TWiT” rather than them calling in.

    I called the number and was immediately hung up on. Tried again and was hung up on.

    Well yesterday I resubscribed to NightAttack and will be resubscribing to DTNS. I might not watch them that often if at all but FUCK YOU LAPORTE! Oh and you fat freak and your gold digging trollop of a future wife and CeHO of TWiT, you are the most childish pitiful beings on the planet earth.

    Oh and having one of the Chat Mod’s come on here and make a comment at 16.37pm yesterday telling us all off and telling us that we are driving your fat arse to commit suicide and that we will all be to blame and go to jail was a good thing. Do you not think that it will be a lot of people in Jail if that was the case, there are far more people that dislike and even despise you.

    Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young were too nice yesterday in their 30 second update by saying that one day it would be something in the past. You, Leo, made it clear by doing this that you are a childish pile of dog fecal matter that can’t stop at just being upset and cutting ties you go all out to try and erase from the your webspace and the internet all traces of the NSFW to make it seem like it never existed you dumb fuck!

    Sorry if I upset someone with these words, it’s bad enough we have to deal with TNT with that brainless ignorant biased drivel but to have Soup and Slop act in a petulant childish way has just driven me to vent!

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    1. I totally agree with Burntheadbob.

      I too am finding it hard to control my language and anger towards #Soup & Slut today. But I will not stoop as low as Laporte & Kentzell and will hold my decorum at the turn of recent events.

      What I find most nauseating is how Mr Laporte and Jeff “The Shill” Jarvis on This Week in Google, always seems to reprimand the European Union for their right to be forgotten stance, and the open free speech internet. Yet as my learned friend Ikalif has already alluded to, Laporte now seems to be acting more like a ghastly North Korean Dictator rewriting history with his warped reasoning and intense hatred. It seems that this man would quite happily and is wholly capable of removing any records and rewrite the terrible events of the Two Great World Wars, for his and his mistress’s self-esteem.

      It is clear from his actions that Laporte is not a gentlemen nor a person of dignity whatsoever. He is no better that a lump of sh!t with his moderators and employees circling him like flies gorging on his excrement and instructions. This is a very piteous man who is consumed by his own self importance and someone who tries to lord himself as an arbiter of technology and the internet.

      I hope the press, Apple Inc./ iTunes and other broadcasters ostracise him, his #gold-digging mistress, his “news staff,” and “his history denying network.”

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      1. It doesn’t even need to go that far. I think everyone should just quietly shrug and say, ‘All right, so you don’t want to play? That’s cool, c’mon group of friends already established we are going to go have fun.’ One person throwing a passive aggressive hissy-fit isn’t gonna stop the signal. Let him pout by his lonesome.

        I found TWiT when I discovered podcasts and scoured the top podcasts. There was a moment I was like, ‘OMG! Is that Leo from TechTV?!?’ And I subscribed to then the multitude of podcasts that made the list, many did and in multiple formats made the list!

        The cheese stands alone as This Week in Tech was barely on the list of the top 200 podcasts with no other shows. Fine. Pitch a fit. Such an insignificant portion of the Internet gives a shit here in 2014.

        I’m not even mad. Just disappointed. Shut it down! THAT’LL SHOW ‘EM. Haha! I win! Now all those people making awesome content people watch and some pay them for will dwindle and shrivel and I’ll be looked upon as KING! KING I SAY! I HAVE THE POWER!

        Just realized I may have paralleled William Foster Kane analogy into this whole thing as I stream of consciousness make a remark. Hashtag soup???

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    1. Well, GameOn is still up and Brushwood was on that…..but so was Veronica Belmont. My guess that out of respect for other hosts who haven’t been banned, their shows stay up.

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  3. #1 No retaliation! Let the childish acts speak for themselves. He’s looking for a scapegoat. Let’s just get the stuff and go.

    #2 I’d do this if I weren’t at work, but someone(s) should grab all the other content JUST IN CASE…obviously NSFW has priority.

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    1. I’ve never seen so much venom directed at people through indirect acts as #Soup and #Salad (Salad is how I will refer to gold digger since I am sure he ‘eats’ her) have done by doing this. I believe they are purging a lot of stuff with hosts that he has fallen out with and I am sure they will claim that it is normal practice to remove old shows after an extended time (which is an out and out lie again) but definitely expected.

      Meanwhile yet again I have subjected myself to watching that torturous show TNT with that grinning asshole Gum. It was terrible until that woman he had would not give a straight answer to his questions and then another when the guy wiped the smug grin right off his face for another app where the blogger said “The focus has been on Android because it is so deficient”.

      Right now Gum is trolling and trying to get people to swing a vote by getting the cult members to go and vote. Yet they whine about being trolled.

      As an aside, I am now blocked on Google+ by all the twit based communities, Mike Elgan, Leo Laporte, Lisa Kentzell and also on Twitter. I must be saying something they don’t like, maybe, ‘The Truth’.

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    2. Too late for NSFW, although I did already have a local copy of every ep (though none in 720p… whatever), and I’m planning on doing some uploading once home from work.

      GameOn is also safe, as will be FourCast. Hmm, what else is at risk?

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