Mike Elgum to Start Rival Podcasting Network!

Rumour has it that Mike Elgum’s trip to Jordan, purportedly for his son’s wedding, is actually to finalize financing for the relaunch of ElganMedia.

ElganMedia will concentrate on Twitter trolls and the Chinese threat to America. Both topics dear to Mike’s heart.

Asked for comment TWiT founder Leo Laporte could only say: “Waaaaaaaa!”

Screenshot 2014-10-17 14.19.49
Leo waves his giant Lolly.

5 thoughts on “Mike Elgum to Start Rival Podcasting Network!”

    1. Well you see, that’s what people that are scammers do, they travel about putting on their false pretense until they have sucked the people they have interacted with dry or feel that they are about to be found out for what they are. Then they move on to the next target and build the false pretense back up.

      In fact Elgum Media is merely a company that is there so that they can claim their World travels etc as business expenses. It would not be claimable otherwise.

      I would say that the Gum’s spend their days traveling the world and scamming as they go, moving on when they are close to being caught.

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