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Mike Elgan Fooled by an Obvious Hoax On-Air

Elgum will literally (attempt to) read anything put in front of him on a prompter. He isn’t able to do this very well, of course, but today Megan Morrone co-hosted the shit-show called Tech News Today, and she had a joke of a story in the “News You Can Lose Segment.”

Why is this segment in a news show they want us to watch?

Leo Laporte has crowed over and over about how TWiT is aimed to be the CNN of Tech, but the following video illustrates how that’s a crock of shit.

The editorial board of Total Drama presents to you:

Mike Elgan Believing a Story
About a Wearable Banana


Nothing says you’re a pro like being quick on your feet. When guest co-anchor Katie Benner asks Gum why a new phone is not being offered for sale in the US, she catches the eloquent speaker off guard. He has a quick mind and wastes no time before blaming the Kremlin and disparaging the website he is using as a source.

And #Soup says he doesn’t listen to JCD and Curry because they are conspiracy theory nuts. This video is offered up for airing on the No Agenda podcast without prejudice.

Mike Elgum is not funny

Mike Elgum attempts one of the oldest forms of ribald humor, the limerick, and fails miserably because he lacks the balls to carry it through. Oh, if only the great and powerful Leo Laporte had been on set to finish what Elgum started, we’d have a much stronger video to share with you. But what we’re left with is a milquetoast dummy with no backbone and there’s nothing funny about that.

Watch DTNS, Monday October 20 for the old days

LoveIf anyone wonders why we go on about how bad TNT has become, blaming it all on Mike Elgum, aka Mike Elgan, aka Mike ‘Dumbot’ Elgan, watch DTNS with Tom Merritt and see how it’s done.

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This week Tom was Live From New York with wonderful guests such as Iyaz Akhtar and Mary Jo Foley.  Watch and learn Mike.

Tune in Monday, October 20 for more Tom and Iyaz,

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