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TechCrunch eyeing possible DTNS takeover?

 Tom Merritt would lead the DTNS/TechCrunch reporting team.

Tom Merritt would lead the DTNS/TechCrunch reporting team.

According to reports, TechCrunch is eyeing a possible takeover of the immensely popular Daily Tech News Show. DTNS, run by Tom Merritt, would fall under the umbrella of the massive AOL company with the ensuing corporate resources to allow Merritt to essentially supplant TWiT as the premiere destination for daily tech content. In the buy-out, Merritt would reportedly retain complete editorial control but ultimately answer to his bosses at AOL in New York.

rkZR1jIhNo word yet on how Sarah Lane is taking the possible news. The editorial board at TotalDrama is certain that she’d be thrilled, but we don’t yet have a comment from her.

UPDATE: Apparently the report is untrue, as Tom as responded on twitter to a fan’s question.

Watch DTNS, Monday October 20 for the old days

LoveIf anyone wonders why we go on about how bad TNT has become, blaming it all on Mike Elgum, aka Mike Elgan, aka Mike ‘Dumbot’ Elgan, watch DTNS with Tom Merritt and see how it’s done.

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This week Tom was Live From New York with wonderful guests such as Iyaz Akhtar and Mary Jo Foley.  Watch and learn Mike.

Tune in Monday, October 20 for more Tom and Iyaz,

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