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I'm an old has been who sits on his ass and lies to callers. But it's a job, someone has to do it. Oh sorry. That's our hero, Leo, not me. Mostly

When the mods come out to play

There is no better way to see the true nature of the merry band of men (??) known as TWiTModSquad than late at night.

Only then do they let their flags fly, let it all out.  Troll or comic,  sarcastic prick or helpful observer.  All there to see.

Head nazi, oops mod, Dan mostly just helps out.

Here he helps our friend Lazy do the . thing

Screenshot 2014-09-11 08.11.48

Screenshot 2014-09-11 07.39.13

Above you can can see Dan is ever vigilant to Lazy’s every word.

Mostly Dan thinks it’s his room, to shoo, to quiet and to hold forth on all things Dan.

Screenshot 2014-09-11 07.35.32

Don’t pick a nick starting wit ‘Web’. Bad juju.

Screenshot 2014-09-11 07.36.40

And he’s technically very savvy. Here we find the only difference between major Windows releases is the Start Menu!

Screenshot 2014-09-11 07.37.18

Thanks Dan!

There are even altercations between some of our favourites.

Here we have marmot the good vs ScooterX  the (bad? good? anally retentive?) Pick one.

Screenshot 2014-09-11 07.43.43

It is like a barrel of monkeys, ones who rarely get out and need some happy IRC chatters to correct.

Remember, late at night or early in the morning.  When the only thing on are stale re-runs or Padre’s Corner. That’s the time to come on in and enjoy the fun.

Ask questions in #helpdesk. Remember to spell them right.

Tell the mods what you think of them.  Short words please, no swearing or animal sacrifices needed.

Have a good time all!

In Anticipation of Captain Juno, Here we present The Giz Wiz and Leo

While we wait for Captain Juno to chop and channel the words of Leo we should take some time to watch the original.

To bookmark special moments, to share amongst soup lovers everywhere.

Dick DeBartolo and Leo Laporte talk TWiT, grudges and suing everyone.

Coffee Shop Squatters©

Having almost nothing to do with TotalDrama, except perhaps a homage to our favourite squatter.

Mike, there’s always an office for you, anywhere, free (for you) and with helpful staff.  Fly little bird, please. Somewhere else please, pretty please.


MIke’s favourite sort of place, free space and free coffee.

@MikeElgan:  How to identify a really nice town: stores with the honor system.

Just in: “Podcasts don’t make money”

Lawsuit-happy patent troll Personal Audio, Inc. has discovered that it’s not worth suing podcasters because they don’t make any money.

TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell
TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell

In related news, TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell said, “I just looked at the TWiT finances and it seems that we aren’t making as much as I thought.”

In even more related news, TWiT founder and chief mouthpiece Leo Laporte said, “I just started this gig for the freebies and cases of NatureBox. Time to cut and run.”

An in-depth study of the TWiT books was recently done by noted researcher Richard Yes and released on—the lid has been blown clean off.

Personal Audio, Inc. press release follows:

“When Personal Audio first began its litigation, it was under the impression that Carolla, the self-proclaimed largest podcaster in the world, as well as certain other podcasters, were making significant money from infringing Personal Audio’s patents. After the parties completed discovery, however, it became clear this was not the case. As a result, Personal Audio began to offer dismissals from the case to the podcasting companies involved, rather than to litigate over the smaller amounts of money at issue.”

Possible Sighting of Father Robert traveling incognito to The Vatican?

An anonymous tipster sent in this photo that he believes is Father Robert Ballecer, traveling in a Mufti (or a caftan) to Rome; perhaps to accept his new role as digital advisor to His Holiness, Pope Francis.

Possible clues that this is indeed Father Robert were: 1. He was traveling in business class and 2. He had difficulty fitting into his seat. Reports indicate that both butter and two flight attendants were needed to get him wedged in before the plane could take off.

Later in the flight, our tipster observed that he consumed four chocolate bars simultaneously. The lavatory was also barricaded for what flight attendants said was around six hours.

Father Robert Ballecer might be traveling to Rome in this spy pic sent in to #TotalDrama recently.

Follow Father Robert’s Twitter for updates.

What exactly is Elgan Media?

Our team of crack (not on, but crack) investigative reporters has jumped on this after HelloWorld revealed the company behind TheGum™ , Elgan Media.

A quick google search and some guessing found the following:


It appears to be the employee of TWiT currently know as Gum, but the address might be a previous secret lair.

So a Mike Elgum (TheGum™) is the mad genius who has created this media empire.

LinkedIn give us confirmation.  Gum + wife + unnamed 3rd party (house mate??)


But this media empire, have their domain listed as has the world beating site:


It’s sort of Squarespace© v-00.1.  Web 101. Starter site.

Let’s get this going Gum!,  You’re fans are waiting