Breaking News, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young Banned at TWiT

Further update:

Night Attack #31 has been posted, the pre and after show released to Patreon supporters.  We won’t release those links here, if you want them go out and give Brian and Justin a few pennies.  They deserve it.


It is October 2, 2014 and we await the release of the NIght Attack show and aftershow videos.   Only then will our forensic investigators be able to pull all the audio and video needed to make sense of what happened.

Breaking ……

Below are quotes as I heard them during the infamous Night Attack of September 30 and subsequent aftershow.  There may be slight errors, but as I was participating in ‘Ali Spags Power Hour’ of drinking YMMV.

“One understands creative individuals, one is threatened by them”

“Somebody said, how about we not…”

Brian and Justin thank Leo Laporte (soup) and TWiT.  Really, they do.
#drama is also mentioned.

“Our crime wasn’t leaving, It was leaving with ads ….”

“To be told, Fuck you, you left  while you had ads”

“True facts by Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young”

“…. we were building a CNN .. obviously not true”

“We wanted to be a part of Leo was building, …. but 5 degrees off”

“There was no fucking coming back …”

“I am telling you the truth …. I understand the desire to demonize TWiT… please don’t do that”

“Do not make trouble for them”

Great guys.

We love you too, Brian and Justin.

Rock on.

Leo Laporte had previously been interviewed and shared these views on competitors.


” I hope that shit isn’t true…”

“…we’re hurt, not vindictive, …… I want to tell the fucking truth…”

“Has your career ever regretted telling the truth?”

“If you’re iphone or android doesn’t have the power hour app now then you’re wanted …”

 Power hour app

“James Thurgood, youth minister, throwing some V’s”

14 thoughts on “Breaking News, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young Banned at TWiT”

    1. today i said in twit chat room that padres corner was great in beta, but now something happened, toned down, way down. That is what got me kicked out of their irc.
      Padre stated this is for chat room, to just talk freely. I was just being factual, tone has changed, and it is very noticeable, sadly.
      Why, today when watching padres corner, I feel like when i was in catholic school and gay, getting kicked around like i deserved it. Seems chat has gone to the church. No matter what padre states, his doctrine is to see gay people as sinners, needing mercy and compassion, not acceptance. Exactly what TWIT is, WOW. Being kicked out of padres conversation, hatred, ignorance, so much for Twits new show.

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  1. #buthurtgate.
    I guess Chad and other good people are being held hostage by CEO and the boozers started to feel bad about it.
    so they backed off on the whole “tech guise” thing that they started after they realised the CEO still had hostages.

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  2. From the start of NightAttack there has been a the odd snipe at TWiT. Just as Leo, when his guard is not up made snippy comments about Iyaz being a guest on TM’s news show.

    You will also notice that once someone makes a guest host spot on the TM news show they are banished from TWiT. We used to regularly see the many of them but as soon as they appear on the DTNS they never again show up on TWiT.

    People may blame the CEhO for much of this and try to absolve Soup Guzzler of the blame but sorry, Leo Laporte banishes people that he sees as slighting him over the slight or insignificant things. In fact he just doesn’t tell them.

    Take John C Dvorak. He was banished for a couple of months because Laporte decided that he was operating under the influence of Adam Curry. He was banished because of his association with Adam Curry. He was allowed back, yes, not because he begged but because ratings slid.

    If you don’t dance to beat of the Laporte empty soup can then you are not welcome.

    I watched Windows Weekly, Fr.Ballsucker SJ, interrupted, cut off Paul Thurrot multiple times. Kept pushing to have the subject of the show being purely about Windows “Enterprise”. you could see the irritation growing. In fact it would have been better to have Paul and Mary Jo host a whole show discussing between themselves. At least it would have been better than having them interrupted consistently throughout the show and then have Paul shut out of the whole thing mid way through when the Friar turned to Mary Jo and started going on about her appearance on Padre’s Corner!

    Is this a sign that Padre’s Corner may be chopped soon as well even with it’s discount production costs. Guess it hasn’t attracted any “Advertisers” maybe he should talk about Marketing rather than his own agenda.

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  3. The way Laporte’s vindictive brain operates, you can be sure he thinks Brian and Justin are STEALING his Twit viewers from him. Even if he has no shows running at the same time, they get their audience from Twit and are thus taking what’s rightfully his.

    If any of you doubt that Laporte is this childish then you’ve clearly forgotten the sort of language he used at the time Tom and Iyaz left. These are HIS ideas. HIS shows, and HIS viewers!

    That’s right, if you’ve ever listened to a Twit show, no matter how briefly, you BELONG to Leo Laporte. You are his property, and must obey and worship him in a suitably reverential manner. That includes refraining from watching anyone who left Twit without his blessing (the Laporte “blessing” means to be dropped like a hot potato without notice).

    Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young are engaged in theft! They are nothing more than criminals! Who will bring great justice to this situation? If only there were someone impaired by aspergers so they couldn’t read Laporte’s true evil motives, and so desperate for their own show that they’d work for free. But where could he find such a person? Why, you’d almost have to pray to the Church of Satan himself to bring about such a miracle!

    Meanwhile don’t expect to hear more from BB and JRY on the topic. They (unlike Laporte) will probably be considering how their words impact others. Calling the redhead a hostage is a good way of putting it. Leo likes his staff just like his show hosts – trapped, and with few alternatives available.

    Don’t pin this one on the CEHO. There’s just ONE person “really” running Twit, and the gold-digger must ultimately bow and kiss the ring just like everyone else – the only difference being she took that literal. It’s Soup’s fingerprints all over this one. He’ll deny it (of course) and claim it all as pure coincidence, or that “Father Bobby suggested this time slot” etc. If those excuses failed then he’d hide behind the CEHO’s skirt like the man he is.

    The fact that CEHO’s such a disliked figure is extremely convenient for him. He uses that, along with the suspicion that her money-grabbing efforts are a big reason why Twit’s been ruined, to take heat off himself. She’s only too willing to take the heat too, just as long as it counts towards her wedding goal, aka payday.

    But he’s ultimately the real culprit behind most of what happens there, and he’s also in money-grabbing mode too, since he’s figuring how much can he suck out of the whole unfortunate situation before it all collapses.

    Looking forward to endless details of a London trip which likely cost more than the total he paid Amber Mac in the entire 8 years she was employed by Twit, before being kicked to the side, and treated as a worthless piece of garbage. She wasn’t the first, and she sure won’t be the last to be treated like that by the insincere slimebag and his insecure gold-digger.

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