Sorry, Jeff

I am sorry, Jeff Jarvis. I rewatched your speech on trolling and realized that even a joke can be taken too far. #TotalDrama should be silenced for their jokes.

Also, your rape joke cracked me up. On behalf of women and children whose lives and innocence were ripped from them, on behalf of the victims of brutal rapes throughout history, on behalf of the women whose lives were ruined after suffering date rape, I say to you, Jeff, lol great joke, +1.

Rape LOL?
Rape LOL?

PS. Congrats to #Soup on the Kevin Spacey win. I can’t believe the prick didn’t thank his very, very good friend. Who will win best #drama?

4 thoughts on “Sorry, Jeff”

  1. Just throwing this out there…

    But does anyone else find it CONVENIENT that in a time when race-related issues between blacks and whites here in the US keep escalating more and more, one of the most vocal and long-time critics of black people’s behavior – Bill Cosby – is basically being character assassinated.

    Let’s bear in mind that there’s no actual proof to back up any of these ladies’ claims, and women have in the past have tried to blackmail Cosby about this.

    Now I’m not saying he didn’t do it because I wasn’t there…but based on evidence alone and the tendency for normal people or washed up actors to grasp at the spotlight to get their 15 minutes (and hopefully a book deal or a settlement), I would think that if Cosby really had done all of this stuff, he would have been found out DECADES AGO.

    The reality is, Bill Cosby has been a thorn in the side of black victim mentality liberals for years and years because he isn’t shy about assigning blame to people where it’s deserved – even if they are the same color as him.


    With that off my chest, let’s talk about Jarvis.

    Why is this man listened to at all? He’s a random teacher from a stuffy stuck up college that pushes a nearly dead career path (Journalism) to naive young people. His bias for all things Google obviously impairs his ability to make any fair judgment and the last time I checked, he never did anything worthwhile tech-wise before stumbling into the TWiG role.

    And as for the Golden Globes…I watched the opening act from the former SNL ladies…and it was okay. Their jokes were generic and tired, just like their looks as they fade to obscurity with an even less relevant awards show (Award Show #1,256).

    Aren’t I in a good mood Sunday evening?

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  2. Just an FYI, here’s some info on the divisive stuff he’s said in recent years, long before all of this recent stuff:


    For people to think these allegations just came up again out of nowhere for no reason are pretty dumb. Like I said, I don’t know if Cosby behaved a certain way in the past…but I know for at least the last decade, he’s been pretty anti-victim mentality race-wise, and the escalating racial tension in the country probably gave his critics the perfect opportunity to knock him off his pedestal once and for all.

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  3. It was a rape joke on the golden globes made by women. True. Quoting does not exonerate him anymore than quoting the founder of the KKK exonerates me.

    Why is he OK with Tina Fey making jokes about rapists but not ok with people being vulgar towards Jeff Jarvis on Twitter?

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