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BREAKING: Mike Elgan Unceremoniously Fired by TWiT

Village Idiot
Village Idiot

First they fired Content Czar Joe’s ass from Tech News Today, but today the other shoe drops: Lisa Laporte put Mike Elgan’s pizza oven baking, middle eastern traveling ass out on the Peatluma curb.

Mike Elgan no longer works at TWiT, LLC. The malfunctioning robot will no longer be seen smiling while reading tragic murder stories, smirking for no reason at the camera, or saying “how the heck are ya?” to various guests before asking where they’re geographically located.

Was it because:

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

Whatever the cause, we knew there was trouble in paradise once Leo started openly insulting Mike on one of TWiT’s flagship shows.

Possibly-racist Megan Morrone will be hosting Tech News Today for the rest of 2015, including today — which had no accompanying announcement on-air — which should be terrifyingly boring, since Megan can’t even use an Apple TV remote and certainly knows nothing about tech.

As of January 4, 2016, Jason Howell will join the show and TWiT will attempt to recapture the energy of Buzz Out Loud and later the Tech News Today that didn’t suck with Sarah, iYaz, and Jason. Megan will ruin everything, but it can’t be worse than Mork Elgon, right?


Leo could be drowning in debt

Leo wishes he could clean up his financial problems as easily as changing a shirt.

Why did Leo Laporte resist the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” for so long? It’s only $100 for cryin’ out loud. For a week, the portly Laporte publicly and childishly resisted the calls to participate in the fundraising effort that was quickly sweeping the country.

Could it be because he’s drowning in debt? After all, Leo is all wet when it comes to telling the truth about his sinking network. So why wouldn’t we believe that the money troubles aren’t worse than he’s let on?