Elgum can’t close a simple box

Watch as “Tech News Today” host and bumbling moron Mike Elgum struggles to close a Harry’s Shaving Products box on a recent episode of TWiT’s supposed flagship news show. (Harry’s is a TWiT advertiser and we here at #TotalDrama can’t imagine that they’d be happy that the Elgum seems to find it next to impossible to close a simple cardboard box.) In fact, it’s hard to watch as Elgum eventually gives up and pushes the box to the side.

We almost feel sorry for the inept loser. So let’s just wish him the best of luck in trying to tie his shoes. Hey, Mike: Don’t wander too far away from TWiT, OK? There’s some nasty traffic out there on Keller Street and you might just get yourself into trouble.

16 thoughts on “Elgum can’t close a simple box”

  1. #totaldrama investigation reveals in upper right corner of screen, about 25 seconds in to the maddening exhibition of the human mind, you can see #CEO giving him non-verbal instructions for managing the box.

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    1. this may be my favorite #scoop yet. especially because i can’t tell if CeHo is instructing him on how to close the box or what she wants him to do with her after the show

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  2. Its quite obvious he suffers from some type of mental disability or had a stroke.

    About a week ago Tonya Hall came on chat and said he and “FilmGirl” did a good job but Elgum responds with “that’s Film Underscore Girl (Film_Girl)” then smirks.

    And forget about using subtle humor when he’s on because he has no concept of it, he will take everything you say as literal.

    For example if you said “It’s so hot in this studio it feels like I’m dying here”, he’ll respond with “You should call 911, death is not good”.

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    1. “Its quite obvious he suffers from some type of mental disability or had a stroke.”


      Can that not also be said for the vast majority of TWiT employees?

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      1. Elgum is very unique. There is no denying that he’s got a few screws loose or hit his head a bit too hard at some point in his life.

        Yes, there are other employees with personality issues but Elgum has speaking and basic comprehension problems.

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  3. Can someone explain to me why there is so much hate against Elgan? I understand how Leo and even Lisa are treated with disdain. But not sure where all the mike hate comes from.

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    1. IT is not hate, just the guy wrote so many millions and millions of words that the words he uses are just words, meaningless. He believes he and his family is smart and everyone else is stupid, that is the attitude that shows. The combination of these empty heads and meaningless words makes the show unwatchable.

      Just find somewhere else to go, waste of time twit is now.

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    2. Imagine you have a prized horse. He’s expensive, but people love watching him, and he even attracts large crowds consistently and makes your other horses look even better when they’re nearby him.

      Then, because you don’t want to pay for the premium grain any more, you decide to turn the prized horse into glue without warning and then replace him with a retarded, inbred donkey covered in its own sh*t.

      That donkey is Elgummo.

      Not only that, but Elgummo has a voice not fit for radio. He’s soulless and void of any emotion. He’s the type of middle aged guy you run into at Dollar General, who bags your Little Debbie cakes and Paper Towels and views that as the highlight of his day.

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    1. That is the problem with educational software, everyone sees money in education and there are many thousands writing really bad educational software programs, like his son is doing, to be sold to schools with taxpayer money and it makes teachers hate technology use in classroom. I have seen almost all educational software written over the past decade and it is all crap.

      Just fake people with money describes his family.

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      1. That last line sums of Gum and his whole family. Remember that movie from years ago “The Grifters” that’s what I think their family really is. The black sheep in their family is the son that decided to go and work as a ranch hand in Texas. He seems to have made a point of getting as far away as he can from them.

        If you look at the the “grifters” the three of them work hard at getting what they can.

        I’ll never forget the statement that Gum made about Google I/O that he was going simply to get whatever is free under a press invite. No consideration for anyone else that should be there from the All About Android Team. A F**K you to Ron Richards and the TD as long as he could his hands on whatever is free.

        If he was not alongside Soup on the Apple list of Pariah’s that will not get to their announcements and WWDC and if Apple gave away stuff he would have fought to get to go to those. Instead he just badmouths Apple and their products at every chance because he knows he will never get to go and they don’t give free stuff.

        They are like my neighbor. He thinks that because I operate a business that I have money and should just give goods or services away for free. That’s the type of person that Elgum really is.

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