Mike Elgan Says “Taint” Repeatedly on Tech News Today

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Have you heard? He’s been to Barcelona.

Mike Elgan, noted moron who holds a job that he believes makes him a professional broadcaster, said “taint” over and over today after Tech News Today. He had no self-realization.

EffenDumb knew what it meant of course and kept saying “nooooooooo”.

Mike powered through with “Another taint, is in the can.”


37 thoughts on “Mike Elgan Says “Taint” Repeatedly on Tech News Today”

  1. Effendumfuck probably showed Gum where it taint was by pointing to it with his tongue resulting in an involuntary sploodge on to Effendumfucks bald head. Oops sorry about that.

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  2. Every day I wait to see Mike Elgum get his Taint ready on my computer screen and once it’s on display I sit and watch Mike Elgum mess up his Taint until I’ve had my fill.

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  3. Leo yakking about his European escapades with Lily Munster again in the lunch room, I’d imagine. The vocabulary just lingered. Just wait until he gets that lazybone swing.

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      1. Way to insult Yvonne DiCarlo, AKA Lily Munster, unnecessarily.

        The current (as of 5 Aug 2015) Mrs Laporke more closely resembles Zira from Planet of the Apes., sans vag rejuvenation, IMHO.

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  4. The other interesting and overlooked fact here is that his brain is abnormal. He never heard the word taint, fine. Wouldn’t a normal person say “tant” “tent” “tint” “tont” or “tunt”?

    Who would say taint?

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  5. Mike Elgan is the “Walter Cronkite” of the modern podcast.
    Do not worry they will be out of bisiness soon. Leo knows it, we all know it. Time and money are ticking away.

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  6. I’m willing to give Mike a little leeway on a few things, but, man, he obviously has no clue what a Taint is. It is so beautiful.

    I think they should rebrand as TAINT.

    Tech Analysis In News Today….Anyone else want to help me workshop this?

    Here’s some synonyms for taint…gooch, grundle, perineum, banus, fleshy fun bridge

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  7. Ok I don’t much like Mike, he’s a bit creepy and boring.
    But I have to point out there is more than one definition of taint.
    a trace of a bad or undesirable quality or substance.
    “the taint of corruption that adhered to the regime”
    synonyms: trace, touch, suggestion, hint, tinge; More
    contaminate or pollute (something).
    “the air was tainted by fumes from the cars”
    synonyms: contaminate, pollute, adulterate, infect, blight, spoil, soil, ruin, destroy; literarybefoul
    “the wilderness is tainted by pollution

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  8. The resume from wiki can’t be real.
    I swear!
    Whoa, Hold on wait a minute…
    That Explains everything…

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  9. Obviously Gum knows what “taint” means. He brought it up in a lame attempt at humor.

    It’s hard to believe that everyone commenting here is so retarded that they can’t see the obvious fact that Gum brought it up only to make the joke that “TNT” could be pronounced “taint.”

    Fucking idiots.

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