4 thoughts on “Mike Elgum supports trolling”

  1. The comments he makes that are snarky on air comments that are negative against anything that is not Google just show that he should never be allowed to be any form of ‘lead’ in any news department.

    Maybe that is the reason he is merely listed as a ‘thought leader’ on Cult of Mac and rarely posts (hasn’t posted in such a long long time though he does write posts on other websites instead). They obviously don’t want to be the next target of his snarky trolling by tell him to crawl back under his rock.

    The man is an abomination.

    Great video!

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    1. This past few days have been days where TWiT just keeps on giving!

      All these Snafu’s that they have made.

      Continual snarky comments for elgum.

      I did successfully post a show title under the name elgum suggesting it be called “Biased Drivel” and also commented that it was the end to another load of biased drivel . The mods completely missed what I had said.

      A claim that the dog has started biting, blaming it on the ‘step son’ even though the step son has earlier video posted on facebook showing the CeHo getting the dog so wound up that you can hear it snapping with it’s mouth. A clear sign that it was her that started the dog down the path to nipping, biting and attacking people.

      Will tomorrow prove to the world that TWiT just keeps on giving? I hope so!

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