Blame Canada

*Editors Post*

    .eu 4ever
.eu 4ever

We have left totaldrama.ORG and moved to totaldrama.EU. Look at your URL if you do not believe me. And…. we will be moving IRC servers too. Everything you love will still be here, just Europeanish to fit in with the other .EU’s. No longer will we be harassed by the freedom-loving Americans and their cowboy boots. Leo, Sarah and Burke have already updated their bookmarks—and so should you. (IRC info)

America was cool but if Gum won’t move away on his own, we will be forced to lead as role models. Maybe one day he will follow our example. And I don’t mean travel to Shenzhen China to cover stories about hard drive manufacturing. Do not worry, the whole team acted as one and all your favorite writers are on board, everyone from Helloworld to Captain Juno to Emojit3ch. Thank you, on behalf of everyone, to the team who worked day and night on this noble task. It was so moving to see everyone chipping in with their expertise.

I am looking forward to a 2015 filled with real journalism and no ad hominem attacks. Welcome to Canada!

*A percentage of some proceeds from site will be donated to Unicef (.0000001 like TWiT)

8 thoughts on “Blame Canada”

  1. PLEASE tell me TWiT filed some lawsuit/legal junk or something against you guys and that’s why you’re doing this…

    …that would mean that not only are they monitoring everything said here, but are also deeply afraid of viewers seeing the truth behind the scenes.

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    1. The hosting seems to have moved from France to Nevada, USA. Not sure why irony of the .eu domain..

      Even though a good US host could be more robust to “free speech challenges”, it’s also in the state next door to Soupsville…

      I think they should’ve chosen a provider based on Jarvis Island instead. You know, the place America deports all its freedom loving google shills to. So you know they’ll stand up for your free speech, just as much as they will any mans right to a free hotel and flights. To quote the islands motto: “Freedom! Something something Guttenberg.”

      Plus you could get the Drama’s server room dude to phone in and be the last guest on Soup’s Grand New Years Day “I’m a pillar of the community, don’t audit us” 24 hours of image re-branding and self-validation extravaganza!

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      1. Yes.
        The way these things are structured is very high level. Very cloak & Dagger. Essentially there are pieces and people controlling the pie in the EU, US and a few other places. The money to create the site went through about eight channels. We have an ex-Al Qaeda guy helping out and he is amaaaaaaazing. I looooooooooooove him, he is so in ter est ting. We just loooooooove him.

        This site never violates any laws because it is 100% either reporting or satirical commentary.

        I mean if TV guide gives a bad review do they get shut down? Jeff Jarvis says no.

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