Say it ain’t so, Leo


25% to charity, no way
25% to charity, no way, I refuse to believe this libel.
Well deserved 60K spent on a car
Well deserved 60K spent on a car

I do not believe this image and neither should you. There is no way the #soupguzzler is keeping 75% of the proceeds for recording a greeting. No one would keep money intended for starving children. I just do not believe it.
Food? Maybe. Money? No.
The guy has plenty of money. If you want to donate to UNICEF click here. Send me the receipt and I’ll record you a voice mail. And please whoever photo-shopped this, turn yourself in. There are people working overtime in the factory to make a donation and they deserve to know where the funds go?

6 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so, Leo”

  1. If you look through everything on ebay, they all say 100%. For the sake of UNICEF and what they mean, remove this post. They don’t deserve to be part of #drama and our laments of TWIT

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    1. Well as all good blogs do, this could be updated in the future to reflect new information, but taking it down completely would not be in the best interest of the #truth. If this indeed was the original effort by TWiT to defraud the masses. The IRS is going to want this as evidence and we are all too happy to provide the world with the real facts as they become available. –Sincerely the editorial board of #TotalDrama

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