No Ethics

Everyone at TWiT said it was wrong to look at the hacked (stolen) nude celebrity pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, so I didn’t.

Can someone explain to me how this is any different? Why is #Soupguzzler taking pleasure in exposing hacked (stolen)secret information about celebrities? Jezuz, I guess the trend started by the news director has permeated the building.
Is TD.N the only ethical place left?

For the record, James Franco is a good guy who did not want to be chauffeured around in a limo, so his agent did his job, and got James the money he was entitled to. It’s standard practice that at a certain level of movie celebrity, the star gets limo service, James preferred to drive so he took the cash in leu. So would I.

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  1. BTW;it’s a bogus complaint about battery life on cells phones Leo.
    We don’t need a 16hr. phone cause there are many power cells to recharge a phone in a short time/

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  2. Thank you Totaldrama, you the eyes on this type of idiocy. As I now refuse to watch that imbecile or any of the shows and do something creative this small snippets into the craziness of the man called previously known as Leo Laporte but known so well as #SOUP.

    Today from Twitter I saw that this moronic asshole will obviously spend tomorrow on This Week in Tech wetting his pants with excitement at the numerous take downs of parodies and accounts that mock “Celebrities” or people in the Tech World that put themselves out there.

    He will do this and be all merry at the same time that this fat morbidly obese cretin has, on air on his podcast and radio show, trolled the actor James Franco.

    This information about him was stolen from Sony and sure it was made public but a little bit of decency should be invoked. It is no different from the abuse that was showered down on Zelda Williams on Twitter when she lost her father. It is no different from comments that Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis did on that same day that they started their 12 week outcry about Twitter and trolling when they trolled John C Dvorak with #SOUP making a snide shitty comment about John C Dvorak and that self important fucked up wannabe professor of Journalism Jeff Jarvis the “Pantomime Dame” – for those unsure what that is, just look it up on wikipedia – of Journalism with his creepy voice slapped his desk and chuckled (or rather laughed manically) and said “Nice One Leo”, exactly what they accused people on Twitter of doing to them!

    Leo has no ethics, no morals and no conscience. He will happily malign a person and the next day have them there on one of his shitshows sucking up to them like they are best buddies.

    The man is two faced and despicable.

    I apologize to anyone that I offend on here when I made these statements in my comment. They are my opinions and should be treated as my opinions.

    I hope he enjoys what is left of his life as he slowly fades into obscurity. There are people that he picks out for abuse or to disclose private information about that don’t deserve that sort of abuse yet he thinks it is okay because he is a “Pundit”. He should change that to fucked up imbecilic two faced dirty old pervert who surrounds himself with “Yes People”.

    Chad was fired because he said on air that Leo was wrong about how long it had been since Brian Brushwood had been on a TWiT episode. The moment he contradicted and did not immediately agree with Leo his card was marked and his days were numbered.

    A business built on Yes Men is a business destined to collapse and the foundations of TWiT have been crumbling as the dissenting staff were weeded out.

    By the way, in the time I would spend getting frustrated and irritated with shows on TWiT over the space of 2 1/2 hours I have written the first 5200 words of a short story that kind of maligns TWiT and thus will never get published but it is far more satisfying that even giving the shows hosted by Leo or his biblical buddy or even his biased wanker of a News Director a moment of my time.

    I will continue to visit upon you all and post comments but it will only be comments on the video’s or pictures posted here showing the abuses in Petaluma by this tyrannical asshole and his scrawny crow of a wife/girlfriend/husband or whatever it is!

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    1. This whole thing has never been about “ethics.”

      You’re right, Jeff wouldn’t know “ethics” if it was a Google product he was paid to speak on in (nay, paid airfare to) Timbuktu.

      It’s all about control. Controlling information. Controlling the public conversation. Controlling people.

      Unless, of course,the highest court of the European Union decides that people should have control over the information that is presented by search engines about them, cause that’s “breaking the Internet.”


      PS: Zelda Williams didn’t lose her father. Her father didn’t fall victim to a disease, an accident, or someone smashing him to pulp. Her father killed himself.

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  3. I didn’t think it could get much worse while I was out in the desert , but having listened to the past weeks SN and WW , I was correct in bare handing a Cholla Catcus and beating it upon my head, orders of magnitude less painful than that “news’ director blabbering on as fill in host. Also, We should all lay off Abby, she had little to say in who inspermsided her mother, for all we know, Leo lied to Mrs. Laporte #2 when he said he was packing protection and all he really had was a bib to keep the soup drool off his chest.

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