Who We Is

Just because I retired, doesn’t mean I can’t tell the world…

who we are!


Happy #totaldrama day everyone!!!
It is customary to get kicked from TWiTlive IRC at least once on October 23rd in observance of this day. And thank you to the lovely and talented Sarah Lane for giving us our daily tech news on this holy of holy days.
Amen and may god bless you all.

12 thoughts on “Who We Is”

  1. “On occasion, Leo or other hosts or guests may say something that isn’t within the rules of the IRC chat. Please be aware that repeating those remarks is still a violation of the chat rules.”

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  2. seriously watch leo flirt with her. disgusting. would love to know the side deal going on that has kept lisa from eliminating her from the equation. Hope she and her cats lands well when, not if, Lisa decides to eliminate all human staff.

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  3. @Donewithleo: every blorg needs a hero and foil. Sarah seems nice enough to be a hero, in this land otherwise devoid of souls. I mean, how much demeaning bullshit has she put up with in however many torturous weeks of ipad today?

    Our time of action should be when ipad today airs. Line up the VPN’s, let our voices be heard during ipad to-day at every akward moment of leo’s flirting.

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    1. I believe they did ban VPN from using Chat. I am all geared up to do what I can get to be banned. Some phrases like “Why is the news shows so much better without that stammering fool Mike Elgan around?”

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