Giving Up

I am giving up on the crusade. (Just me, not others at the blog) It is important to tear through the propaganda and lies and a lot of that is being done here. Hopefully people will think before accepting everything they hear.  To me, it seems none of the  good goals will be reached, some people will just not admit mistakes and change ain’t gonna come.

In the end, if people are apparently getting hurt, then I have to take responsibility for my part. I do still believe their chat room should be fair game until they stop their insults on kicks.  I am also happy having our alternative chatroom where anything can be said. But if this tiny blog of jokes is hurting people somehow, what can I do. I also have an anti-Redsox blog I guess I should take down too. I am only one guy so the blog will continue, so stay plugged in to all the other great artists and writers here.
And so it goes.

I Give Up
I Give Up, Thank You All for Your Support and May God Bless the Lovely & Talented Sarah Lane.

12 thoughts on “Giving Up”

  1. Ah, wait a moment, was it not the person at twit that made a medical diagnosis of the two people running totaldrama, a medical diagnosis that was made by a tech guy. Was it You he was referring to? Was it not You who were being medically diagnosed on the twit air, and not very good, should we believe him, should we TRUST him that he is right? And you are just giving up? You may have thick skin, but it is still not right.

    I will not give up the crusade as you call it. Twit is paying the catholic church ‘BIG TIME’ to have padre on the network. The catholic church and padre’s boss, his real boss the pope, just reminded everyone that us gays are “intrinsically disordered” and nothing will change that church doctrine. So Leo is doing the same thing as the catholic church is doing. We are the ones being hurt and called names by big bullies in fancy costumes glittered with gold, and we do not like it, nor tolerate it.

    Twit and the catholic church adheres to the so-called “principle of graduality” which provides for the acceptance of individuals living in sinful, gay situations while the Church works with them to bring them into conformity with its rules over time. BRAINWASHED is the term and process they use. We will be no part of this brainwashing process, and this is what supporting twit advertisers is about, supporting what the church stands for, that is where the money goes.

    Padre may be knowing about some technical subjects, which at times is interesting, but his true purpose is clearly seen through his disguise as a twit employee.

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    1. Sorry but an obese priest who tells fellow employees to “Suck It” and viewers that he’s not wearing any pants isnt exactly a selling point for the church, in fact it scares people away.

      Padre acts like a mentally disturbed man who is trying to be a frat boy, not a father figure or a person of any authority.

      Even this little venture is going to fail because a guy like that makes the church look real bad and the real irony is they’re taking money from two people who are openly fornicating.

      Maybe Robert convinced some within his small area that all of this is part of a master plan to bring Catholicism to the masses but in reality when the big wigs of the church gets wind of his activities, he’s either going to disappear from the network or be a very different person.

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  2. Here’s the thing.

    This site goes way beyond appropriately calling out those who are sexist and cruel. There are tons of posts that are simply cruel, desperate, and do not fulfill the purpose of righting a wrong (e.g., Elgan having difficulty closing a box or stumbling on a pronunciation).

    If you are putting all this energy scanning the network to capture when someone “drops the ball,” it makes you look appear less credible, untrustworthy, and it is frankly kind of odd. You may want to reflect upon how small your world has become.

    Bottom line: Call out those who are wrong. If their behavior does not top, then stop investing in them and place your attention and energy into something meaningful. Otherwise you run the risk of simply being a reflection of the qualities you disliked about the other in the first place.

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      1. “Pointing out lies is righting a wrong.”
        -Agreed. Hence, what I said, “Call out those who are wrong.” But then this site goes way, way, beyond that to the point of being cruel and even sexist at times (one of the very things you dislike about Leo Laporte).

        “The name calling is purely for humor. ”
        -That is a very weak defense. You can’t just say write some awful things about people and then say, “oh hey come on, it is just a hobby, I’m learning video editing and just having a good time.”

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  3. Not all of your post have been negative. I wouldn’t have known about Lane hosting TNT next week if you hadn’t reported it. And because you rave about her so much I figured it’s worth giving her a second look in that format. But, I understand if you want to move on.

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  4. Seriously, you’re giving up. Why, because you’re being bullied by that narcissist Leo? You have enlightened millions with your #truth; you have made people laugh at Leo’s loss; you’re even a nice guy.

    Please, don’t give up. No matter what happens, I’ll always support you.

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  5. Sooner or later, this site is bound to be the reason someone we like at TWiT gets fired. Why? Let’s say one of the hosts or employees goes on another show and makes a comment about TWiT. You guys ALWAYS post about it as an article or in the comments. That just draws attention to it so that The Powers That Be will see it and react immediately. (Let’s face it, they tend to react without thinking of consequences. That was clear when they didn’t renew Tom’s contract and were surprised when he didn’t want to do Frame Rate anymore, fired Iyaz immediately rather than keeping him on to ease the TNT transition, and when they deleted four shows last week.)

    I’m saying you guys need to sometimes just let things slide rather than drawing attention to it…but with so many chuckleheads on here posting crap, that’s impossible. In the end, people WILL be hurt…and it will likely end up being some of the ones we really care about.

    Pointing out things someone may have said on DTNS, Night Attack, GFQ, or someplace else is only giving The Powers That Be the info they crave. YOU ARE PLAYING INTO THEIR FUCKING HANDS!!!

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        1. But I think this site may have “saved” her job. Because although she is leaving Coding 101, she was put back on Before you Buy. I don’t think that would have happened if this site didn’t break the story first. So LL & LK had to do something to not look like they got caught with their pants down by a bunch of “trolls.”

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