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Sarah Lane Leaves Twit & Relaunch of Screen Savers

Sources tell #totaldrama that on Sunday March 29th April 19th, TWiT will be (surprise) announcing the relaunch of The Screen Savers in an effort to reinvigorate the fading fan base. [update: I thought that anniversary thing was the 29th]

On an even sadder note, as predicted, the lovely and talented Sarah Lane has been cast off from TWiT for good. In a surprise move, the film pioneer who was thought gone, has returned with a small video in tribute to the lovely and talented Sarah Lane, presented below:

Service Announcement: The long awaited Buzz Out Loud reunion show is scheduled for March 29th 3PM Eastern and 12PM Pacific at diamondclub.tv

I don’t understand the HBO-Apple Deal

Friendship is Magic
Friendship is Magic

Everyone knew HBO would go cable free. It was not complicated math. As soon as the amount of expected (cablefree) subscription revenue was greater than the lost cable revenue from going over the top, HBO would be off to the races. Now, HBO is owned by people who own other channels so if people ditch cable it hurts other revenue. HBO is a lynchpin in peoples decision to get cable. Therefore it is more complicated with more variables but it essentially is just a question of how to make the most money.

The nonsense about HBO getting free marketing from cable companies is just that; nonsense. Game of Thrones generates ten times the marketing that their dumb ads do. They were pretty conservative in waiting so long but the time to go was here and everyone expects the other networks to follow. They are like cows and just follow the herd. Ask the cable installers, kids do not get cable, HBO could not wait much longer. But the Apple deal still makes no sense to me.

No way will he do it
No way will he do it

Apple forked over some cash to be the exclusive HBO Now partner for three months. What does Apple get for their hard earned cash? Are they expecting people to buy apple phones and throw android phones away in these three months? Um no, people who currently have HBO can wait the three months to ditch cable and people without cable obviously don’t want HBO that badly. Are they getting rid of inventory? That is ridiculous. The company has excellent inventory control and I doubt selling a $69 device is that big a deal. And if the big Apple-subscription launch is in June, as well as a new rumored device, why not wait? And I don’t understand the other side of the deal, what does HBO get, besides some cash? Wouldn’t they want everyone to be able to buy HBO Now and not just Apple owners. I don’t get it. Why are they limiting the launch, It feels like I am missing something.

Disney owns Aol who owns TechCrunch who owns....
Disney owns Aol who owns TechCrunch who owns the lovely and talented….

There is going to be a big fight for space on TV or however people are watching shows. Yahoo, Amazon, AOL and everyone else has a lot to gain. Fox, ABC, Disney etc have a lot to lose. Spending 4 billion for Star Wars and millions for the Marvel properties was a good move. Those properties are going to be even more valuable when everyone is in the TV game. Disney is one smart cookie.

Any why does everyone in Silicon Valley refer to shows as content, they are shows.

No Ethics

Everyone at TWiT said it was wrong to look at the hacked (stolen) nude celebrity pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, so I didn’t.

Can someone explain to me how this is any different? Why is #Soupguzzler taking pleasure in exposing hacked (stolen)secret information about celebrities? Jezuz, I guess the trend started by the news director has permeated the building.
Is TD.N the only ethical place left?

For the record, James Franco is a good guy who did not want to be chauffeured around in a limo, so his agent did his job, and got James the money he was entitled to. It’s standard practice that at a certain level of movie celebrity, the star gets limo service, James preferred to drive so he took the cash in leu. So would I.


I like to think we have come to a place in society where men view women as equals. Where we see more than pretty faces and boobs.

Leo & Steve, if you want to have this conversation, do it off-air. And please, if you do it on air, why include it in the official podcast?

Let me guess, Leo will have three men on TWiT again this week, and maaaaaaaybe Christina Warren who hasn’t realized what a pig the guy is, yet. At least Steve has an excuse, he fell in love, hard. (Original podcast is here)


A fan compiled the following video and is looking for more clips, if you have any, respond in the comment section on YouTube.

If you’re a #soup fan, or you are reading this Sarah, and you think this is ok because it’s joking around, ask yourself this: What would happen if Jason made any of these comments about Lisa, is it different when it’s not the boss making the comments? Would employee Jason be in trouble for saying these things about Lisa? Hmmmm A boss gets to say less, not more than everyone else. And this banter is not done for “the show” it is always in pre/post show, so don’t try that rationale.

*Thanks to Captain Juno for his tutelage in video editing and iMovie. I did 1st video
**i hate to agree with Leo, but he was right, those boots don’t go with that skirt.An outfit accentuating the leg should flow to the foot or a tight boot/shoe. The open shaft is too cowgirlesque.

movie recommendations

This is a first since the inception of this website. I kid you not. Check the annals (two n’s) of our site and you will find nothing of its kind. This movie recommendation is not without purpose, it is not only here to entertain you.
The movie I speak of ‘Quiz Show’  is available now to rent and stream.

To Tell the Truth.
To Tell the Truth.

This film started slow but sped up in the second act and the third act was riveting. The concepts examined in this movie are great. The descent into corruption for money. The lust for fame. The trading in of values. Advertising in TV. The death of morality in TV. Bastardizing intelligence. Selling out. Lying to the public.

It also has a lot of stuff for people who like literature and Shakespeare, so no one from TWiT will watch it. It is honestly in my top 15 all-time-movies.  Rob Redford directed and he is a great, great friend.

Metaphorical TWiT Review

Wholesome Shannon
Wholesome Shannon

Time to class up this website and give an unbiased review. No longer will Leo be the victim of hate. It’s now time for fairness and equality. I will be doing honest show reviews for the readers of this great site who deserve columns written with integrity.

Let me start with what is called a metaphor, bitches. I live in a big city and went out for Mexican cuisine with friends. The eatery was only a ten minute walk from my residence so I elected to travel home by foot after a lovely evening. I was only about three minutes away from my home destination when I realized I had made a serious error and should have taken a cab.

#TotalDrama writers flaccid!
Average #TotalDrama Writer Flaccid!

The Mexican meal was not happy where it lay and wanted out and wanted out fast. The food, awash in intestinal fluid, rushed through my colon on its way to a raucous ride through my small intestine where it was finally damned by my taut rectum. The pressure was great but I held my own. I prayed to God to let me get to my lobby and if the explosion were to happen there, so be it. I would take the mess in my pants up the solemn stairwell and into my apartment where I would discard the evidence and none would be the wiser.

I clenched my buttocks and every step was an epic battle. I made it to the lobby. But I grew brash and, feeling confident, I decided to take the elevator. Once inside the emergency status returned and my eyes began to water. I gathered every iota of strength and kept the rushing monsoon at bay. My face flushed with blood and my eyes were frozen wide open and unblinking as the elevator doors at last parted. The sanctum of my front door was in sight. I moved one cautious foot in front of the other and finally reached satisfaction just as I inserted the key into the door.

Are you serious?  Gross
Are you serious? Gross

God was kind to me. I only had 30 feet to get to my round porcelain goal. Victory was in my grasp as a smile could be seen on my face. Both feet passed the bathroom threshold, there I stood, my back to the flushable oasis I had dreamed of. I undid my bucklings and with one motion I slid my pants and undergarments to the floor. But I was too cocky. The combination of  bending down, which straightened my colon, and the release of tension when my pants fell to the floor was too much to overcome. It was everywhere.

The remnants of the explosion took hours to clean. Somehow the radius of the blast seemed to defy three separate laws of physics. The image of myself naked on my knees crying in my own feces with filthy rags is the metaphor for the October 19th episode of TWiT. I will give it 2 out of 5 stars.


Well it sure was a stress ridden week. Just as Moses was cast from Egypt and his name stricken from the books of the great kingdom, so too B&J were banished from twit.tv

In order to lessen the burden and relieve some tension, Cap’n Juno ended his one week retirement. I was placed on sound duty so I pressed more buttons to help the headphones people. My skillz were weak but I did all I could.

A fact to note: Since I was tasked to help with sound, I forsook my duty to fix spelling/typos. There are often many such errors. But do not think less of the Captain, he never had a country to call home or language to call his own.

Without a roar from the MGM lion I present, for your viewing pleasure, a deep dive into lies:

Leo Laporte & Richard Yes Making Peace?

Both Laporte and Richard Yes were heard saying “F the TD” at the exact same moment. Have they reached an understanding. See if you can spot when they uttered the utterance in unison.

Could this be the start of a truce between the mentally ill RichardYea and the lecherous Laporte? Have they found a common ground.

If you missed the exact moment they said “FU-TD” click here:
Continue reading Leo Laporte & Richard Yes Making Peace?

Has Sarah Been Banned from Night Attack in a Retaliatory Move?

Reports have come in that future movie drafts will be short one  Sarah Lane.  A recent statement released by Cordkillers Production Inc in association with Night Attack Management Corp. let viewers know that the “teams” concept, that debuted in Summer 2014, would be abandoned because they were not overflowing with volunteers this year.

Who is in and who is out?
Who is in and who is out?

Recent years have not been kind to Sarah as the Night Attack selection committee passed her over and placed a plump priest in her stead, much to the chagrin of the predominantly hormonal young male audience.  Winter is coming and that means the Winter Draft is coming too. It seems the next movie draft participants will be something to keep abreast of.

Further speculation emerged when viewers noticed a lack of Sarah Lane in her promised monthly segment on the Tuesday night program. Fans have been clamoring to get her on for a full show but the NA duo turned that idea on its head. Always loyal to Justin & Brian could they be biting their thumbs at her? Is this retaliation for their alleged banishment from TWiT? #TotalDrama does not want to stir up drama, we are not about drama,  but come on. Asked for comment, Night Attack reps said she was not banned and she has been “traveling and busy with her social life.” We were directed to her saucy Instagram feed as evidence.

Jennifer Garner is up on in arms over this.
Jennifer Garner had no comments for #TotalDrama.

Is this a calculated attempt to cut #TotalDrama in half by a TWiT double agent inside the Night Attack consortium. It is widely known that drama is split amongst its attitude towards the iFive for the iPhone star. Is Padre pining for her spot again? Is Veronica Belmont or Snubs AKA Shannon Morse, looking to be the third member of the Pr0blem Solverz? Or maybe just maybe this entire article was an experiment in click bait titles, a tactic made famous by Mike Elgum.