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Gum can write article after article about how great G+ is, but all he does is mock himself when he does this. Personally, I hate Facebook and think G+ is a very attractive platform. But, and this is a big but, like Kim Kadashian big, no one is on G+. Only Gum can miss the point that people are kind of important to a social network. Google hyped up charlatans like Gum himself and ruined the network.

The guy has almost four million followers and posts his shows on G+ and TNT ratings dropped when he took over?
Explain that someone.

Sick Maniac
Sick Maniac, is that Chickenhead21????????????

There’s not a single thing featurewise that I can think of that’s better on Facebook than it is on Google+. (Facebook has everybody, but that’s not a feature. It’s a catastrophic accident of history.) The Gum

Gumbot, people are kind of an important part of a social network. Take that sentence out of the parenthesis and think about it a bit longer.

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  1. Google screwed itself over by forcing Google+ integration on all of its popular services, and even shutting long running ones down (iGoogle, Google Reader, etc.). Google+ is already dead – sorry. It, like Google Glass, is just alive out of necessity for the next 2-3 years to save face.

    As for El Gummo, he is the world’s most boring human. He is a robot, and straight out of a 50s era nuclear family 2.5 kids setting.

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    1. iGoogle? You must be the only one lamenting its loss, that is such a late 90s product and not very useful now that we all have smartphones and browsers that sync and stuff.

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      1. Are you kidding? It was a great RSS homepage reader. Instead of me going to a dozen websites, I can see the newest headlines (and a short description/image) all on one convenient page, and click on whatever article I want. Even better than Google Reader, because I’m simply glancing at headlines and only choosing what to read.

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    2. Google killing Reader was the best thing that has happened! I was really angry at the time, but now I’m pleased that I switched to a tiny tiny RSS feed reader.

      TTRSS has a proper API and I’ve written all my own scripts for downloading podcasts from instead of futzing about with links like before. It has proper stable Android apps, rather than hacked together ones based on a non-stable unofficial API like with reader.

      I also discovered that Reader hid the fact that about 25% of my feeds were 404’ing after they’d moved or died. With TTRSS I get told when a feed fails, and can update it or cull the broken ones.

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    1. It’s just another way of getting people to click on his shitty page and view his blog of biased shit!

      We just have to look back at the lengths he will go to just to get people to view his Google+ account including showing the pictures that were used to make a fake account on Facebook by the DEA. He saw no qualms about stealing the image of the woman, legs akimbo, atop the hood of a vehicle!

      Posting the decapitated head of a turkey is just another bait picture.

      I’m sure that Soup thought that Gum would bring this close to 4 million people to watch him on TNT but it didn’t pan out. I used to follow him on Google+ until I learned that he was an asshole and then got blocked because I called him on the accuracy of his statements and suggested that he was merely a hack who didn’t verify the accuracy of the stories he was lifting the story from (he claimed it was his own work but I found multiple chunks lifted from other people’s writing) and that he should really write using his own words even if it is a rehash of another’s written work it should not be just lifted word for word.

      The man is a shameless plagiarist though I suspect that his co-hosts don’t fall far from the tree that is is Gum and those that realize how morally corrupt he is when it comes to others work seem to move on pretty damn quick to avoid being painted with the same label while those that hang around have already taken other people’s work and called it their own.

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    2. Forgot to say Richard Yes, you just have to look at the +1 count that only 210 out of all those millions. more than 90% of those posts get even to that. He has one that has gotten really high plus one count but that was purely because it chastised someone that wrote something negative and I wonder how many of those were Google+ employee’s since he posted it using the #Google hashtag which widened the audience across a huge spectrum.

      Gum is a fraud.

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  2. g+ is shit and he is insane if he thinks all 4 million of those follows are real people. I have not posted anything in a year and I still get people circling me. Spammers circle anyone they can and reply to posts so that their account looks real.

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    1. Ya, defiantly some fake followers. Even real people who follow are pointless to count, as people today “follow” and “like” for nor real reason and at the end of the day, they don’t really care. Ill be the first to admit that I have followed people and don’t really care, but do it because thats what everyone does on the internet so I do it to. Therefore, its pointless to count them as a “real” follower.

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  3. Oh well, the dude has no significant following on either Twitter or Facebook, of course he loves parading his big fake Google Pl(n)us.

    Also, it’s where he believes he can easily ban “trolls” so his feeble mind doesn’t have to endure the audacity of critique.

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  4. This post just reminds me of the VHS/beta arguments of old, or for you kids blu-ray vs. HD dvd. It doesn’t matter which is ‘better’ if no one is going to use it, it will die. The google+ ers just keep going on about it because they are scared to death the platform they have invested their time into will get pulled once Google does a cost benefit check.

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