What’s your opinion about the Ello social network?

Mike Elgan
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Sep 26, 2014

Suddenly, everybody’s talking about an ad-free social network called Ello. The site’s creators say Ello is independent, allows pseudonyms, and doesn’t harvest personal data. In other words, it’s the anti-Facebook. And also unlike Facebook, Ello has no apparent way to make money.

3 thoughts on “What’s your opinion about the Ello social network?”

  1. Its an investment scam that Leo Laporke got snagged into.

    My guess his personal gold digger Lisa Krazyeyes convinced him to invest a sizeable chunk in this crap and he thinks its going to be the next facebook.

    Now he’s using Mindless Mike Elgum to peddle his wares and I’m sure he’s trying to get The Giz Wiz to mention it on his ABC segment.

    Whats really going to happen is the ‘founder’ and others are going to pay themselves exorbitantly high salaries using the seed money, give Lisa her cut then declare bankruptcy and move on to the next old fat senile sucker.

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  2. It’s not really a social network site. It is a game that is being played to see how influential tech hack’s like Gum can attract and sign up.

    Right now 99% of all people are purely Hack’s that are following each other and clapping each other on the back and saying

    “We are the movers and shakers in the Tech World, the Avant Gard, the first to be there and we make the Social Networks the thing they are.”

    PooterfleX is almost right with his statement, except for the very last line. They aren’t going to give Lisa her cut, they are just going to ‘service’ her to make her feel like she got something out of the business then go off and get tests done on themselves.

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