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  1. It’s that old classic, we are so desperate for viewers that we need something that might get people to see what is becoming a tiring, depressing news show sucking off the teat of other people’s work.

    Rather than discussing the news and forming their own opinions they ask the news bringers, those who wrote the articles to read their stories out for them.

    This really is like an Audible for News but without a subscription payment each month, just having to endure an idiot. As the viewing counts dwindle the desperate cries from Gum to subscribe on multiple platforms to ‘game’ the view counts/subscriber numbers (I believe that the advertisers would be a bit pissed at having to pay more than they really should for advertising) these gimmicks seem to get more and more desperate.

    How many freaking platforms will this dickwad of a hack suggest people subscribe to so that they can see, view or listen to a rehash of what they could get elsewhere.

    Maybe one day they will realize that people really want a true discussion of the news and not have someone that sits there like a dog turd with a shit eating grin on his face who then reads whatever statement he came up with when he was writing his autoqueue text and still screwing it and in some instances saying things like “I totally agree” and then gives a statement that contradicts what reporter had said in the first place. The look on the face of the reporter is always priceless who are so stunned they just say thank you and disconnect.

    I wonder what gimmicks will come over this coming week. Will Gum decide a better stunt is to set fire to the set? Either way, it is Jason Howell that will get the blame for the drop in the ratings just like he got the blame when Gum handed him a recorded interview that Gum made with someone and it was missing the questions that Gum asked and just answers. The following day Jason was apologizing on screen and taking the blame for the recording being screwed up.

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  2. This is for the “best of” show. They had zero content for a “best of” so they orchestrated this old old joke and made it the least spontaneous thing I have ever seen. It will be in year-end show, promise.

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