Mike Elgum is not funny

Mike Elgum attempts one of the oldest forms of ribald humor, the limerick, and fails miserably because he lacks the balls to carry it through. Oh, if only the great and powerful Leo Laporte had been on set to finish what Elgum started, we’d have a much stronger video to share with you. But what we’re left with is a milquetoast dummy with no backbone and there’s nothing funny about that.

6 thoughts on “Mike Elgum is not funny”

  1. He’s just so boring. Imagine being stuck beside him at a dinner party. Zzzzzz. BTW, has anyone seen the viewing figures for that staggering success, Marketing Mavericks ? on You Tube they barely break 50 views per episode, and that’s on a good day. Last week’s episode was 25. That’s just embarrassing. It needs a good dose of pentobarbital and put it out of its misery.

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    1. Marketing Mavericks was an abortion from the start! It was claimed that it would be interviews with the big people of marketing and they tried so hard at first and got pretty big names in marketing but it was too much like “Triangulation”. It then turned into yet another show where they talk aimless about the same old crap going round and round and round and talking about the same thing over and over.

      That’s why TWiG has become stale. They spent far too many weeks talking about Trolls, well people that have critical views of the hosts, and people got tired of watching an old lady, sexist pig and a girl without the ability to stand her ground and just chuckles and laughs while the old lady and sexist pig troll people just before complaining about the same happening to them.

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    2. Who it their right mind would spend more than 5 seconds listening to Tonya Hall?

      How many people have told her she’s not on-air material?

      How many hours of voice therapy later is she still ‘chasing her dream?’

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  2. On the one hand you complain that Leo Laporte often airs material inappropriate for a “family friendly” network. In the same breath, you criticize Mike for exercising self-control and modesty.

    They make pills to help with your problem. That, and you might consider getting a life.

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