6 thoughts on “Mike Elgum is one super hilarious guy”

  1. Looks like there shouldn’t be any Apple shows on TWiT. Today, 2nd day running his selection of news has been carefully selected with a biased placed on demeaning Apple products while promoting Google.

    I commented that the news seems to be selected to promote a personal Agenda (can’t remember exact words) and was kicked by the ever diligent Nazi ScooterX.

    I also noted that Capt Juno was kicked as well.

    Then to top it all, he as admitted on TV that, when restrictions and drought rules require maintenance on all over use and leaks that he just can’t be bothered fixing a faulty sprinkler.

    What a piece of work. Arrogant, ignorant, self promoting and yes very unfunny.

    I’ve never seems a bigger ballbag that Elgum.

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      1. Laporte is not a ballbag that’s too good for him! He’s a snivelling asshole.

        He refers to people as friends but they are only friends until he has gotten what he can out of them and then he shits on them or fires them.

        He’s also ignorant about Tech, gives bad unqualified advice, his Saturday and Sunday Tech shows are a farce, like this weekend when he spent the first hours talking about ‘himself’. Even his own daughter couldn’t get advice and sad that she had to call the show to try and get help then ended up asking on the IRC.

        He needs special glasses with mirrors inside because his world is all about him!

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  2. Night Attack totally punked Twit with The Tech Guise. A caller actually asked about lunch and wanted to know if they had soup. Then someone wanted to know how to watch Padre’s Corner and Night Attack at the same time. They said fuck Padre and previously Chad Johnson for knowingly going up directly against them.

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