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Mike Elgum is not funny

Mike Elgum attempts one of the oldest forms of ribald humor, the limerick, and fails miserably because he lacks the balls to carry it through. Oh, if only the great and powerful Leo Laporte had been on set to finish what Elgum started, we’d have a much stronger video to share with you. But what we’re left with is a milquetoast dummy with no backbone and there’s nothing funny about that.

Leo Laporte finally dons Hitler look

Has Leo finally gone too far?

On the Oct. 18, 2014 edition of “The Tech Guy” pre-show, aging tech huckster Leo Laporte finally did what many viewers had long feared: He wore a Hitler mustache. Apparently while looking at a plastic kit intended for children, Laporte immediately went for the most incendiary look from among many and donned the dictator-styled lip wig. It’s unclear to us here at #TotalDrama if Leo will use this costume later with his whore-bride-to-be in some kinky Nazi-esque bedroom play.