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It’s All In Fun, Isn’t It?

Ok, I’m tired. I can’t really edit videos or write coherent prose. So I will just post the video and await comments.

I know, he’s joking. It’s all in jest. But really, drones loaded with ANFO?  Remote detonated with bluetooth?

Honestly I never knew what ANFO was, now I do. Thank you, PadreSJ, Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ.  I have learnt a new thing.

Maybe a preview for the next TWiT show? Has it been greenlit?

Why Shannon Morse is no longer hosting Coding101?

unnamedWe have no idea. And it seems PadreSJ, larger sized cohost, doesn’t either.

We watched a hangout with the beloved Padre and tried to put it all together.  There is a surprise appearance by TWiT MANAGEMENT.

Keep alert, maybe a sharp-eyed reader can help us out.