6 thoughts on “Leo Laporte finally realizes why he can’t get women!”

  1. In fact he summed it up by referring to himself as “Creepy Uncle Leo” after TWiT today.

    I dare to suggest that it is not only that he creeps women out, you notice he creeped out men and it is emphasized by the dwindling in-studio audience.

    Another reason though is that when you shit on members of the Tech Industry, especially those that report tech and are respected and well known among the younger tech industry, there is an effect that is seen where you become a pariah! Leo is quickly becoming that pariah and Mike Elgan is also making TWiT Toxic. Evident in the shrinking number of journalists willing to be used and screwed by him and they don’t even get a thank you kiss after he as used him to promote his point of view.

    When you have a person that asks you on to do a news story and then doesn’t take the time to read your story and then cuts you off mid-way through responding to him (and this seems to happen more often with the women bloggers/journalists than the males) they soon feel put out and everyone knows, there is nothing worse than a woman that feels slighted and he has slighted oh so many of them.

    Leo cannot understand why Molly Wood won’t go onto TWiT as a guest? He obviously doesn’t know her as well as people that watched her on CNET for years or know her personally. In fact if he took the time to have seen the reaction she had at the Samsung Galaxy S4 event in New York and how she felt about how they portrayed women and Leo is just as bad or worse and so is his incompetent nasty news director.

    Now that’s just one woman journalist. Was it just this last week when Mike Elgan confused one ‘contributor’ to his TNT, asked her a question, then before she got a chance to answer the question fully he asked another one and then got irritated because she was still answering the first one and then cut her off completely. This is not the only example of treating women as lesser mortals by TWiT. Another was when he asked a question and when the answer didn’t fit what he wanted it to be he gave a slightly flustered look and then carried on implying that what he and everyone else had heard was an answer that was opposite.

    If I ever did that to a woman my mum would fly over from the UK and beat the living daylights out of me! In fact she would probably do that if I treated another man with similar ignorance.

    Of course Leo Laporte has also done the same thing. In fact he has tried to cause an argument among guests simply for “entertainment value” including changing what one guest had said when repeating.

    Now men tend to get over this type of shit pretty fast but women don’t, they remember the slight and remember being treated like shit.

    Oh and don’t forget that the whole of the tech world are aware of how he dumped Amber Mac. and how they tried to repeat the abuse with Shannon M.

    Pretty soon TWiT will be down to purely the reporting of a few reporters that have to because their ‘boss’ is a co-host on a particular day. For example Friday was full of Mashable, there have been Monday’s full of CNET and other days.

    Not to mention how he treated, on air, Kim Shafer, we cannot forget that either!

    When your business has a reputation for not treating women with basic decency the pool of females willing to be associated with such a business starts to shrink. Do I blame them? Hell No!

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