New TWiT Coming in 2015?

TotalDrama field reporters spotted this photo on this weeks The Tech Guy. It appears to outline a plan to ‘Save TWiT’. We are hoping for such a comeback from the depths to which the moribund network has sunk.

Here’s the plan


For those having trouble reading it I have attempted to convert the photo to text.

1. cut a hole in a box
2. put your junk in that box
3. make her open the box
4. And that’s the way you do it

I may have made a few errors during conversion.

Wow, amazing. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

22 thoughts on “New TWiT Coming in 2015?”

    1. I remember seeing it on the screen but never took much notice, another “Tech Guy” Gaff. The show that just keeps on giving and not in the way that #Soup would like it to! LOL

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    1. You can always tell when a marketing person is full of crap and useless when they unleash all the buzzwords they just read about from the latest issue of Entrepreneur or Fortune.

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  1. 4. establish as an authority in the space.

    Nearly choked on my cup of tea with that one. Authority on what? Lies, bullshitting, soupguzzling and leching?

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    1. I’ve never viewed TWiT as an authority on anything. I already know 99% of the news they talk about anyways, so they don’t educate me on that. In the past I tuned in just to hear conversations where people might say something they normally wouldn’t write (good or bad) about a product/service in the news. But they don’t teach viewers anything.

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  2. Fake is fake, not someone you can trust.
    When I go to facebook, which I rarely do, just close family, but everything else is just so fake, and I say really obnoxious fake, like drag queen fake, ugh!
    Every episode looks like a rerun, stuck in groundhog day. Did they add the canned laughter yet to their shows?
    time for him to retire, looks painful when he does the show.
    I visit here, not there, feeling great

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  3. Yeah, it’s hard to be an authority in the space when they keep banning and shunning all of their good talent and when Leo himself doesn’t research the topics for his shows and doesn’t keep up with modern tech anymore. All he can say about modern tech are anecdotes about the latest phones and tablets, but if he gets a question on TTG about Windows 8 or even OS X Yosemite or Mavericks, he’s totally dumbfounded because he hasn’t truly cared about desktop computing in over 5 years.

    His shows are nothing but phones, tablets, and tech industry business discussion. He can’t have a technical discussion about anything that’s happened in the past 10 years because he doesn’t care about that stuff anymore. He’s a has-been, and he’d rather turn topics into a Bill O’Reilly-style argument rather than have an in-depth and informative discussion.

    The only way TWiT could be an authority in the space is if he took a time machine back to 2013, stepped aside from hosting, and gave the primary hosting duties over to someone talented. I added the time machine part because I feel like TWiT has burned too many bridges to be respected now. Most of the tech industry sees how many people the Soupguzzler and CEHo have fucked over in the past year, and now he even has a hard time getting panelists on the TWiT podcast.

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    1. He’s given totally inaccurate and false information people when he has been doing his numerous monologues and his griping about the iPad Air today, it went on and on and on. I thought someone had shoved a Duracell battery up his arse!

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    2. The only way TWiT could be an authority in the space is if he took a time machine back to 2013, stepped aside from hosting, and gave the primary hosting duties over to someone talented.


      I agree. If Leo had stepped back from everything but TWiT and Tech Guy…and let other shows get new weekly hosts, I think the entire network would be doing much better overall.

      But here’s the thing – he doesn’t want to because he knows that A) he’d actually have to pay hosts to be on staff and run those shows and B) the new hosts could surpass him in quality/viewers and people would follow them if they left, vs. staying with TWiT, ala Re/Code exodus from AllThingsD.

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  4. I would say that this is an indication that All is not well at Laporte Towers and rather than seeing that the loss of viewers is down to Chief TWaT and Queen FishyCrotch.

    Let’s break it down.

    1. Free Future Innovation from Back End Concerns.

    This sounds like they are possibly having issues with their CDN of choice, could Cachefly be calling in the free bandwidth?

    2. Improve Brand and End to End Experience across all Platforms.

    Ahhh, have they started to realize that these ‘free’ CDN’s for livestream have limitations. Let’s face it, it didn’t take Brian and Justin but a few shows to come to that conclusion that when something is free it has limitations.

    Maybe they think that dropping figures are down to poor streaming experience?

    3. Engage Communities (Viewers, Partners, Hosts etc) in new ways, by enabling discovery, sharing and participation.

    Wow, don’t they realize that they ARE the issue! Their IRC is a mess, today they kicked someone for saying “Birds”, I am sure that the advertisers don’t sit and watch the IRC! In fact they don’t care about the IRC.

    The only people that seem to be worried about things in the IRC is Laporte and Co! They don’t like criticism and don’t realize that from criticism improvements come. Instead they get people that get banned and then say, well they don’t want my interaction why should I waste my time watching their crap and they go elsewhere.

    So that’s viewers screwed by Laporte & Co.

    Partners? Mmmm, maybe the complaints are starting to come home to roost when people complain about the blatant lies being told on TWiT to try and get people to sign up for products and services and then find that they don’t quite do as well as Leo and his News Director, Bulbous Pastoral (is is that GiveOral) Priestly Host have claimed. I am sure that many have actually, when they have cancelled their service given the reason that TWiT played it up to offer more features or higher quality than it actually was.

    Hosts? Aaah, alarm bells are ringing with the hosts? Are they starting to see or say that something is wrong?


    It seems that all is definitely not right and this sign is like a big red klaxon going off.

    We should have known. They have been so very very careful at trying to keep the room mic off as much as possible to hide conversations and keeping the stream going with reruns etc at all times to make this less obvious. The only give away is the screech from Needles of “Room Mic is On!” and the sound of glass shattering because of that high pitched squawk.

    I remember someone saying that they had spoken to someone inside TWiT who said that all was fine. Trouble is, the employee’s are the last to know that all is not right especially when it is operated by a one or two people, secrets are far easier to keep.

    It will be interesting to see whether the Soup and Slop rescue plan works which is what the board seems to imply. Will they get rid of Gum? Clean up the act and stop Trolling while complaining about Trolling. Doubt it. Business as usual at Laporte Towers!

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  5. Y’all might be reading too much into this. Could just be an outline from the latest Drupal consultant about how they’re going to build some ground breaking new site.

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  6. I agree with Fred. This is “web agency speak”.
    We were selling the same ” strategy ” to corporations in the 90s.

    This doors not bode well, as it’s well be expensive and not deliver any meaningful revenue increase.

    This has CEHos fingerprints all over it. It may become the ShitHouse’s Albatross….

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  7. “Y’all might be reading too much into this. Could just be an outline from the latest Drupal consultant about how they’re going to build some ground breaking new site.”

    Yeah, I agree. This isn’t a plan for twit. It’s the website. But speaking of the website… remember the last redesign of Tech Guy Labs? The one they spent a year hyping as this groundbreaking, innovative new repository of tech help and how-to? The one with this never before seen method of fan interaction that would allow listeners to provide their own answers to the callers’ questions?

    You know, the boring corporate-esque WordPress theme ported to Drupal with Disqus comments on each post that cost $100,000…

    Let’s hope they can do a bit better than that.

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  8. So when does “FourToilets” go live? I see enough expertise here in web design, server setup and bullshit that we could do at least as good a job as those other guys.

    We can spread it as thick as the best.

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