It’s All In Fun, Isn’t It?

Ok, I’m tired. I can’t really edit videos or write coherent prose. So I will just post the video and await comments.

I know, he’s joking. It’s all in jest. But really, drones loaded with ANFO?  Remote detonated with bluetooth?

Honestly I never knew what ANFO was, now I do. Thank you, PadreSJ, Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ.  I have learnt a new thing.

Maybe a preview for the next TWiT show? Has it been greenlit?

7 thoughts on “It’s All In Fun, Isn’t It?”

  1. Legal disclaimer

    This is a direct quote from a live Google Hangout session with Father Robert Ballecer (aka PadreSJ, NudeSJ and Padre Robert Ballecer) that took place on October 24, 2014.


    Father Robert Ballecer: We’ve gone over this, we’ve wanted to do a thermite episode and we were told by legal that we probably should not do a thermite episode, we wanted to do an ANFO episode where we were going to show people how to build ammonia nitrate fuel oil bombs and we were told that we probably should do that.

    Co-host: (Laughs nervously) …as soon as you said hey, you know that cool idea of detonating something with a cellphone it was like …no no we can’t do that …we can’t do that.

    Father Robert Ballecer: I mean they are such prudes, we were just going to show people how to detonate a homemade ANFO bomb with a bluetooth receiver. What is the harm in that?

    Co-host: (Laughs nerviously) …No, lets stick to quads

    Father Robert Ballecer: Wait, wait, wait what about a quad loaded with ANFO?

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  2. I wonder how long before we hear that he is on a no-fly list? How long before he is followed everywhere by man in a black SUV? How long before something happens just like his description of of projects he ‘desired’ to do and TWiT start operating a remote for him from Gitmo, will their rename This Week in Enterprise Tech to this This Week in Enterprise Terrorism?

    Sadly there are some things that you cannot make ‘jokes’ about and sadly sometimes when a person is ‘joking’ it masks a real intent to do such a thing.

    Maybe it is his intention to take the Cult of TWiT soldiers into real action to take out every person that has Trolled the Cult Leader Leo Laporte? Maybe we all have targets on our backs?

    Maybe that ‘Troll’ that committed suicide in the UK while Soup and Slop were visiting there on their ‘business trip’ was taken out by Slop to show the Cult members what she desired they do?


    To be serious though, these are statements being made by a ‘man of the cloth’. I guess that cloth is starting to appear rather soiled.

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    1. wow, this is scarry. but then i see why, in central america, they killed some jesult guys years ago, but if this is what and how the jesults were talking about, then i see maybe why they considered the jesults dangerous. No one would believe that a jesult would talk like this, but, if this was their plan in central america, maybe the killings were justified. My aunt is a nun, i will show this to her and see what the convent thinks. later…

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