Why do podcasts start on time?

On John Gruber’s Talk Show, Ep.98 John Siracusa was asked why ATP (Accidental Tech Podcast) starts on time.

His answer was revelatory, a breakthrough in podcast scheduling.

And why do all TWiT podcasts with Leo Laporte never start on time? No respect?  No standards? You tell me.

It seems that the only listeners will continue to be retired or infirm or pre-schoolers.  The only ones with massive amounts of time to waste.

5 thoughts on “Why do podcasts start on time?”

  1. If the man had any sense of understanding he would have taken those words to heart and started to that others, not just viewers, want to get started on time. Instead he piddles around, his TD’s piddle around and then finally get started 10, 20 or 30 minutes or more later than it should.

    To use the term “Fashionably Late” is yet another excuse and is used by people that are arrogant and believe that everyone around them should wait around and be there at their beck and call but who betide anyone that happens to be late for them!

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  2. I remember a while back, Paul Thurrott chewed Leo out for consistently running late starting WW. Paul actually works and Leo being a lazy lard ass, was costing Paul valuable up time. I wonder if that clip is posted ???

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