Why Shannon Morse is no longer hosting Coding101?

unnamedWe have no idea. And it seems PadreSJ, larger sized cohost, doesn’t either.

We watched a hangout with the beloved Padre and tried to put it all together.  There is a surprise appearance by TWiT MANAGEMENT.

Keep alert, maybe a sharp-eyed reader can help us out.

11 thoughts on “Why Shannon Morse is no longer hosting Coding101?”

  1. Misusing her? What, by taking her off Coding 101 to present the occasional product review, which i suspect #soup and #ceho gave her begrudgingly.

    Yeah…right she was obviously misused ..sorry IS being misused. :/

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  2. Exactly, the lies are why I will never tolerate him. He serves his masters well. Does anyone anyone believe they sat down and decided she would be better on a show they previously said she was not a good fit for? This is how they slowly ease her out the door. 3 episodes of BYB a month, then 2 then 1 then none.

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  3. Why was the tenor of the email “re:Shannon” and how to handle the next few weeks? What do they need to handle?

    Why did Padre say they can buy some time because he was prepared for her honeymoon absence? If it was a change in the show direction what are they bracing for? Nothing is sudden they could prepare for it and discuss it and time it.
    She was fired!

    Why is he being defensive saying “he is good friends with her” if she is switching shows and maybe getting her own show? Isn’t that a good thing?

    Why do they make plans and discuss how to best use Shannon with Padre and not with Shannon, is Padre an executive now??? Why didn’t she know? Why is he privy to decisions on how to best use Shannon? Only the bookkeeper should be able to make these major decisions, Padre isn’t Leo’s GF so he should not be involved. This should involve Leo and his GF, that’s it.

    All lies. As I always said, the fat jokes and radio voice jokes were silly, the cowardice is what is truly repulsive.


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  4. So we decided to put Shannon on a show she really likes but didn’t discuss it with her ? His eye movements tell the whole story. So sad to see someone purported to be a “man of God” lying.

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  5. Well. It was good while it lasted but this obviously smells of desperation. Padre seems friendly in his demeanor so I have no choice but to trust her but there is a last ditch effort to keep the fabric of TWiT together. Instead of just dumping her, they decided to either slowly retire her or dump her on a lower rated show.

    It’s pathetic really, when your entire network is desperate to keep everything together. It’s almost like they realize that this network is sinking as we speak.

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  6. I am sure that the BYB thing was purely created because Total Drama broke the news when it was convenient. They were hoping to wait until she got back from her Honeymoon and then they would email her at 8am the morning of the Coding 101 recording.

    Simply because of this alert courtesy of Total Drama and her emailing that faux priest who then, I am sure contacted his bosses at TWiT and they had a crisis meeting. They couldn’t carry out their shitty plan and went had to instigate their plan B.

    They do not plan to have Shannon on as a weekly regular. They will merely phase her out.

    Sure the first couple of weeks she will be on, then they will not have something for her to review one week, then maybe something the following week and then they will dump her and then say nothing until people start to ask questions.

    Then they will have another fake call in “Inside Lisa” where they will address it and claim that Shannon has decided to focus on her other commitments.

    After that it will be a done deal. I don’t think she will be on BYB by the end of this calendar year, if she does last longer then no later than the end of January 2015.

    Now, why would anyone put trust in a Padre that will lie and try and blame the victim for the actions of Leo & Lisa.

    In this case of the disappearing Snubs sadly 1 and 1 are not making 2 they are making 7. There is too much emphasis of ‘making excuses’ because they were caught and caught red handed and this time couldn’t manipulate the situation like they did with Brian and Justin or Tom etc, this time there was open evidence of their actions caught on a podcast for all to see.

    This was exactly why they raced to get an Inside Shit out addressing it.

    As for the Padre & Shannon Friendship, she may feel he is one of her friends but for him while he claims it to be so, how he spoke the words emphasized that it was merely a ‘work friend’. You know one of those people that you will talk to at work and act friendly towards but as soon as you are outside work they are just another faceless stranger whom you have to slip into ‘faux-friend’ mode if they talk to you unexpectedly out of work.

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  7. I have respect for Shannon because absolutely nobody expects to earn a living from the type of topics Hak5 covers – which are typically far more nerdy than anything you’ll find on TWiT – and yet she has managed to be successful.

    At the moment I still think she works best as a co-host but that may change as she hones her broadcasting skills.

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