Never call someone’s girlfriend ‘Yoko’

Many years ago when I was a lowly programmer working out of a cubicle my boss imparted to me some accumulated wisdom.

“Never say someone is a fucking idiot in writing, they never forget”

It seems like the current equivalent is calling Leo Laporte’s main squeeze Yoko.  That was their sin.  A minor slip, but banning ensued.

Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young seem to want to move on, to let hasty words be forgotten. But the sting of ‘Yoko’ lingers.

The stench of  it, the sound of it, echoing through the tubes of internetdom.  Leo can’t forget and he won’t forgive.

Before the recent TWiT meetup in Austin,  Brian made some entreaties and was rebuffed.  Apologies not accepted.  No face-to-face was to be.

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So maybe more begging? Or realize that a man will be judged by his actions and Brian and Justin are better off standing up and accepting whatever was said as truth.

This work is copyrighted by the Sad Society of Happy People. Or maybe that was the Happy Society of Slackers.

It’s not.

5 thoughts on “Never call someone’s girlfriend ‘Yoko’”

  1. The biggest reason for that meet up was specifically to make a point of it being in Austin. Soup and Slop did not have to go there, let’s be honest, they tout “GoToMeeting” they have Skype and more importantly and I have said this before and will say it again.

    When you paying someone to a project for you and you are spending a great deal on that project financially the company doing it does not demand that you travel to them for updates etc, they come to you.

    This was meant as a jibe at Brian Brushwood and it is all part of Leo’s disorder.

    Even if Brian Brushwood was not blocked and I believe that he probably received an email telling him to stay well away that he would not be welcome and it would cause a scene.

    I personally believe that Soup’s wounds are still open even if they are imaginary and inflated, actually inflated as much if not more than his ego.

    I would give him a wide berth, I would give Slop an equal wide berth. I do believe that she is an enabler, she pushes the buttons that keeps him going.

    I rarely bear a grudge, there are a couple of people that I barely acknowledge that I have to be near a few days a week. I don’t talk directly to them and don’t mention them in a conversation.

    In fact I still have friends that I’ve had since before I was a teen and I’m 46 years old and live 5351 miles from where I grew up. Leo Laporte only seems to have friends that he met over the years that he has decided to remain friends with, he doesn’t mention that friend from High School or that Friend from College. That seems to be a strange situation since he is always name dropping that he knew that person or knows this one. I believe that many of his friends over the years have had the Brushwood treatment.

    If I was to sit down with Brian and Justin I would simply say, do as Tom Merritt has done. Make that cut and make that distance. If the wounds ever heal, which I think they won’t, then giving that space and if asked a similar question to that one in the tweet I would reply

    “It would be wrong to cause more hurt to Leo or Lisa and allowed them to have their space”

    I wouldn’t even mention anything about whether they had banned or sent a message telling him not to go near. That just fuels and justifies everything that Soup has done and his stance!

    I may be more vocal online and more brash online but in person I tend to avoid confrontation but either way I would treat the events as a split in the road, TWiT and Soup and Slop went in that one direction while Brian and Justin continued on their way.

    In fact doing so really would send a message far stronger to Soup and Slop that they have moved past the whole situation. Brian and Justin really need to take the high ground and move on and close that door and lock it and choose to move on and up and away from the whole situation. If Soup & Slop still want to cling to the argument and pettiness then it will just reflect negatively on them and not on Brian and Justin.

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    1. I would have gone anyway, it is a public place. Let John and Yoko make a scene. But I like confrontation and showing people for what they are. Maybe just me 😉

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  2. The problem is that Leo has a juvenile mentality. Who the hell sends people texts saying “you’re dead to me”. This is stuff you only hear in the movies because no mature adult would say anything silly like this in real life.

    He’s a big baby and he throws a tantrum when he can’t have his way.

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